Being jobless, pregnant and overweight changed one woman’s life forever. Meet Che Haughton aka Che Inspires. Che is a transformational Health and Wellness coach who has lost over 160 pounds through mental healing, diet and exercise. It all started roughly seven years ago. Che was jobless, engaged to her daughter’s father, pregnant and the only thing she could lean towards was food.

“I grew up in the South. It was normal for me to eat fried chicken for breakfast” said Che. “Not only that; but I was fatherless, depressed and I didn’t love myself, which ultimately left me unhappy.” During our interview, I asked Che what was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She revealed she was diagnosed with hypertension at age 30. I’m sure we can agree like Che and I, that 30 is pretty young to be diagnosed with such a condition.

Let me expound on hypertension or high blood pressure in the black community. According to the American Heart Association the prevalence of high blood pressure in African Americans in the United States is among the highest in the world. More than 40 percent of non-Hispanic African- American men and women have high blood pressure. Scary huh?Now you understand why Che set out on a journey to not only change her eating but also change her lifestyle.

Che said she started cooking everyday and acquired a counselor to help deal with her depression and a nutritionist to help her eat healthier. She was introduced to a Ketogenic diet, which is high in protein, vegetables and very low in carbs for about three years before transitioning to becoming a pescatarian. She also reminded me that nutrition is 80 percent and fitness is 20 percent, repeatedly saying — “You Cannot Out Work A Bad Diet.”

When it came to struggles we all may have a different story; but for Che her struggle was herself. “Retraining my thoughts to what was once familiar; not just for me, but for my daughter” said Che. – I watched my grandmother take meds most of my life. I had to take back control. Luckily for Che, adopting a healthier lifestyle changed her life for the good. She’s been senior manager on her job for a few years now, she birthed a healthy daughter, she’s no longer taking meds and launched her Fat to Fitness network with over 5000 men and women all over the world to empower, encourage and educate those in need to live their best life. – Encouragement Daily!

Since It’s the Holidays, I couldn’t resist. I had to ask Che “What’s For Christmas Dinner”. A sister needed to some ideas to stay fit during the Holidays. Chuckles.

Here’s her menu:

Baked FIsh

Cauliflower Dressing

Collard Greens

Roasted Potatoes

Fresh Corn on the cob

Sweet Potato Casserole made with agave, nutmeg and light brown sugar

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