Today, Palo Alto University psychology professor and Stanford University research psychologist, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee today regarding the events of July 1, 1982. On that date, Dr. Ford said Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while Mark Judge was in the room.

California Senator Diane Feinstein received a copy of the letter from Dr. Ford and as the news came out, Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination process was held up. In the days leading up to today’s hearing, Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh’s high school lives were held up to public examination.

Here are highlights from the ten hours of testimony.

Transcript of a portion of Dr. Ford’s opening statement:

When I got to the small gathering, people were drinking beer in a small living room/family room-type area on the first floor of the house. I drank one beer. Brett and Mark were visibly drunk.

Early in the evening, I went up a very narrow set of stairs leading from the living room to a second floor to use the restroom. When I got to the top of the stairs, I was pushed from behind into a bedroom across from the bathroom. I couldn’t see who pushed me. Brett and Mark came into the bedroom and locked the door behind them.

There was music playing in the bedroom. It was turned up louder by either Brett or Mark once we were in the room.

I was pushed onto the bed, and Brett got on top of me. He began running his hands over my body and grinding into me. I yelled, hoping that someone downstairs might hear me, and I tried to get away from him, but his weight was heavy.

Brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes. He had a hard time, because he was very inebriated, and because I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit underneath my clothing.

I believed he was going to rape me.

I tried to yell for help. When I did, Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. This is what terrified me the most, and has had the most lasting impact on my life. It was hard for me to breathe, and I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me.

Both Brett and Mark were drunkenly laughing during the attack. They seemed to be having a very good time.

Mark seemed ambivalent, at times urging Brett on and at times telling him to stop. A couple of times, I made eye contact with Mark and thought he might try to help me, but he did not.

During this assault, Mark came over and jumped on the bed twice while Brett was on top of me. And the last time that he did this, we toppled over and Brett was no longer on top of me. I was able to get up and run out of the room.

Directly across from the bedroom was a small bathroom. I ran inside the bathroom and locked the door. I waited until I heard Brett and Mark leave the bedroom, laughing and loudly walk down the narrow stairway, pinballing off the walls on the way down.

I waited, and when I did not hear them come back up the stairs, I left the bathroom, went down the same stairwell through the living room, and left the house.

I remember being on the street and feeling this enormous sense of relief that I had escaped that house and that Brett and Mark were not coming outside after me.

Brett’s assault on me drastically altered my life. For a very long time, I was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these details. I did not want to tell my parents that I, at age 15, was in a house without any parents present, drinking beer with boys.

  1. As Dr. Ford’s testimony delved deeper into the events of July 1982, it became clear to many observers that her statements were credible and she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. As Dr. Ford said, it was her “civic duty” to testify in front of the Judiciary Committee and by extension, the American People. Dr. Ford detailed with candor the manner in which Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.
  2. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham openly questioned the validity of Dr. Ford’s statements and intentions. This was a harbinger of things to come from the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee.

3. At 3:23 PM Eastern Time, Brett Kavanaugh angrily, emotionally, and tearfully denied all allegations levied by Dr. Ford. He is visibly shaken.

4. The tribalism that is pervasive in the era of President Trump was placed on grand display by Senator Graham. It was a seminal moment in today’s testimony. Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee flew in from Arizona to ask questions on the behalf of the GOP. However, the Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee began to question Kavanaugh themselves because they did not like Mitchell’s pretense of fact-finding and went full throttle on their attack of the Democratic Party.

5. President Donald J. Trump watched the hearings from the White House. Upon completion of the hearings, he tweeted the following statement.


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