It’s officially that time of year when many people have rededicated themselves to living a healthier lifestyle through exercising and cleaning up their dietary habits. If you are one of those individuals who has decided it’s time to get fit, Peach Fit is here to help you do just that.

Peach Fit is a fresh and lively fitness show that was introduced in October 2018 and is quickly changing peoples lives throughout the Metro Atlanta area. The show explores effective exercises viewers can perform from the comfort of their homes, in some ways eliminating the hassles of going to a gym.

“Peach Fit was made to encourage and motivate people to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually,” said its creator Anthony White, an 11-time Emmy award-winning television veteran. “We’re an authentic fitness show, there are no slogans or gimmicks to try to wheel people in.

“We’re trying to get a message across by gearing this towards the folks at home who are truly determined to take care of themselves, maintain low stress, and live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle,” White added.

Peach Fit is currently being filmed at Clark Atlanta University on its CAU-TV platform, but there are plans in place to soon take the show on location and broadcast remotely.

The secret to Peach Fit’s success is in the expertise and chemistry of its hosts—fitness and performance experts Kara Lane and Jermaine Harris. The dynamic duo jam pack each episode with explosive energy you don’t find anywhere else.

“This isn’t the atmosphere I’m used to, yet it is so much more enjoyable to be able to reach the masses like this,” Harris said.

The two have also made the show part of their missions to help people become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

“There’s always a little friendly competition!” Lane said. “We have a great dynamic on set to have never worked together in this capacity and I love the environment created as we educate and train people differently.”
Lane said she began her fitness journey as a member of various fitness organizations and eventually achieved first-place recognition in the Arnold Amateur show in 2006.

The Turner Broadcasting executive said she hopes to inspire other women as an active mother of two with nearly 20 years of discipline, experience, and dedication to the art of fitness.

“With Turner Broadcasting I worked on a show, but nothing ever like Peach Fit,” Lane continues, “most of my experience has been from participating in figure competitions before moving into being an actual fitness professional.”

Moreover, Harris is a former collegiate and semi-professional athlete turned sports performance enhancement specialist with 12 years in the field.

“My journey in fitness began at an early age—around five years old, so I’ve been into fitness and performance nearly my entire life, my dad was a professional football player and would always bring me to the gym,” Harris said. “During my professional career, I’ve coached at the grade school, collegiate, and professional levels.”

Similarly, both Lane and Harris said this experience has forced them to step out of their comfort zones when it comes to spreading their fitness knowledge with a larger audience.

“My first passion was helping women find themselves and realizing how to put themselves first,” Lane continued. “Most of the time I’m working with people to help set their goals and breaking it down for them, it’s normally very intimate. As a public platform, Peach Fit gives my training a completely different scope.”

For more information about Peach Fit or its hosts Kara Lane and Jermaine Harris, email or contact them through their various social media handles.

(Photo: Courtesy of Peach Fit)
(Photo: Courtesy of Peach Fit)

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