Dr. Herbert Oye is a board-certified endovascular and vascular surgeon, specializing in the invasive and non-invasive treatment of vascular diseases.

Oye received his medical degree at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, according to his official biography. His general surgery residency was performed at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, an affiliate of the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Oye completed his fellowship training in advanced vascular and endovascular surgery at the Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

Perhaps, even more impressive is that each of Oye’s four children followed in their father’s footsteps.

David, Monique, Michelle, and Melissa Oye, each said they were inspired by their father and all have become doctors.

“Our dad, Dr. Herbert Oye, is a Nigerian immigrant,” the young physicians wrote in a statement on Facebook. “Upon moving to the United States, he attended medical school and has worked tirelessly to build his own Vascular Surgery practice.

“Dad has since opened a hospital back in Nigeria and splits his time between the United States and Nigeria. We are all currently in the medical field as a second, third, and fourth-year medical student and a first-year Internal Medicine Resident.”

Each is attending or has attended the West Virginia School of Medicine. Monique, the eldest of the family, graduated in 2018. Michelle is in her fourth year, while Melissa is in her third year. David, Oye’s only son, is in his second year.

Their success has social media buzzing.

“Sending congratulations to your amazing family of wonderful world citizens,” Kathryn Stollmeyer Wright, wrote on Facebook.

Another Facebook user, Patricia Combs, wrote, “Well done. Congratulations for excellence in your drive, motivation, and ability to accomplish such great and momentous feat. You all are wonderful and blessed.”

Dr. Herbert Oye (fourth from left) and his four children have all become physicians. (NNPA Newswire)

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