Fair Count Inc. of Atlanta has received funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to support Fair Count’s mission of strengthening the pathways to greater civic participation and ensuring all people in Georgia and the nation are seen in the 2020 Census, heard at the polls, and respected in states’ redistricting process.

“Fair Count is thrilled to receive support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in this critical work,” said Fair Count CEO Rebecca DeHart. “The Kellogg Foundation has impacted lives around the globe for decades, and Fair Count is honored to help continue that tradition by working to ensure that everyone receives the resources, representation, and recognition they deserve.”

Fair Count engages historically marginalized communities to access electoral power through education, mobilization, and outreach. The Kellogg Foundation granted Fair Count $250,000 in general operating support for Fair Count’s work from Aug. 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021.

Census-designated “hard-to-count” communities frequently have limited access to technology and voting resources, facing a significant risk of being uncounted in the census, denied the right to vote, and ignored in the redistricting process due to long-standing barriers to participation that have only solidified amidst the pandemic.

These communities, predominantly communities of color and rural communities, stand to lose billions of dollars in federal resources and years of political power for the next decade if their participation is suppressed.

“We must do everything we can to ensure everyone is seen, heard, and respected in their communities,” said Fair Count Vice President Jeanine Abrams McLean. “To get there, we’re pulling out all the stops.”


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