Over the weekend, entrepreneur and author Erica Dias hosted her latest Table of 20 events in NYC.

Dias’s Table of 20 events are intimate experiences for guests to gather, engage, fellowship and connect. Dias often references this event as her version of the “Sunday Dinners” she used to attend with her family and friends, hosted by her late grandmother, Helen Dias, who passed away from cancer.

At her grandmother’s dinners, guests would get dressed up, talk about everything under the sun, from worldly topics to personal journey experiences. It is an experience that can not be duplicated and one of the most sought after events, that men and women have attended from all over the world.

For 2020, Dias is calling this year her Manifestation Year as she tours to various cities hosting her Table of 20 events. She’s hosted guests from a variety of backgrounds, including other entrepreneurs, influencers and celebrities.

Guests have flown in from Nigeria, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and various other cities to take part in this gathering, that have been hosted with lush table settings and five-course meals in Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco, and other major cities.

Dias has been described as a savvy businesswoman, author, and visionary. She recently re-released her best-selling book full of inspirational quotes, “Faith It Until You Make It,” as a way to continue to inspire people all over the world. Dias said the quotes in the book have gotten her through some of the toughest times along her journey.

Atlanta-based entrepreneur and author Erica Dias kicked off her 2020 “Table of 20” tour. (Courtesy)

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