On Sunday, US President Donald Trump will appear in Macon in a final attempt to fire up the GOP base for Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp. This rally takes place at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport at 4 p.m.

Kemp pulled out of Sunday’s WSB-TV debate after the time of Sunday’s rally was announced.

Currently, the Georgia gubernatorial race is in a statistical dead heat and the possibility of a December runoff looms over both candidates if neither one wins with a 50-percent-plus-one majority. Kemp has long embraced Trump’s nationalist and hard-line policies on immigration and has not campaigned in Metro Atlanta at any point thus far.

According to Kemp, Stacey Abrams’ positions on health care, education spending, criminal justice and gun regulations make her an unapologetic liberal.

On Thursday, US Vice President Mike Pence campaigned for Kemp in Dalton and he railed against Oprah Winfrey’s appearances in Marietta and Decatur Thursday. Pence said he believed Abrams was throwing a Hail Mary by bringing Oprah and actor Will Ferrell.

“I’d like to remind Stacey and Oprah and Will Ferrell, I’m kind of a big deal, too,” Pence said at the Dalton event Thursday. “And I’ve got a message for all of Stacey Abrams’ liberal Hollywood friends: This ain’t Hollywood. This is Georgia. And Georgia wants a governor that’s going to put Georgia values and Georgia first. And Brian Kemp is going to do just that.”

In response, Ferrell and Winfrey said they were not compensated at any moment for their appearances, canvassing, and travel to Georgia.

“The Democrats have decided the road to the White House in 2020 rolls through Georgia. We’re not going to let that happen,” U.S. Sen. David Perdue said. “The road to socialism will never roll through the state of Georgia.”


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