What is your name? *

Rebecca King

What is your age? *


What is your occupation? *

Business Owner & community advocate

What is your city of residence? *


How many years in public service? *


List your Community/Civic Affiliations: *

NPU – B, CLEAR, Livable Buckhead, Old Ivy Park Steering Committee, Atlanta Alum Panhell Assoc & Foundation, Atlanta Chi Omega Alumnae, Past Board Member of Epilepsy of GA & Greek Committee advancing H.R. 3267 & H.R. 2926

Where can voters find you online? (social media links & website) *

What is the position you are running for? *

Mayor of Atlanta

Why are you running for office? *

I’m running for Mayor because as you I’m disappointed with the amount of violent crime taking place throughout Atlanta. As Mayor I want a safer, stronger and accountability driven future so that our infrastructure, city services and communities are the most viable and economically stable for future generations and rejuvenates Atlanta.

In what ways do you believe your experience will assist you in your position, if elected? *

Serving on multiple committees and boards of non profits, operating a business and lobbying congress and state legislatures gives me the experience to lead and create a transparent and efficient City of Atlanta.

Why are you the best candidate for this position? *

As a businesswoman, mother and community advocate I will deliver to residents transparent, effective and coalition-building leadership committed to making sure that Atlanta is rejuvenated.

What do you think your constituents need the most? *

For our city to provide quality of life for its residents through safety, infrastructure, affordable housing and homelessness initiatives. Quality of life will rejuvenate the spirit of Atlanta.

What would you do differently than the predecessor in the position/office you’re running for? *

As Mayor, I will create a position that is a hub and resource that builds coalitions working to solve the root cause of crime and homelessness. Commit to residents that all neighborhoods will be safe and reflective of infrastructure that is functioning. Implementing additional technology that brings accountability and transparency to our City government building trust and efficiency.

What are the three (legislative) issues you will address, if elected? *

Affordable housing, homelessness and concerns affecting those 50 and older will be addressed.

If elected, what is your plan of action the first 100 days in office? *

Build the morale of our First Responders, expand technology and the Pre-Arrest Diversion program and create a position in my administration that will be a hub for non-profits that are tackling homelessness, crime and affordable housing. Ask the private sector to assess our city services for efficiency. Create a webpage that lists all transactions under my purview.
Buckhead businesswoman Rebecca King says she wants to stamp out rising crime and rejuvenate the city by bringing people together. (Photo courtesy: Rebecca King)
Buckhead businesswoman Rebecca King says she wants to stamp out rising crime and rejuvenate the city by bringing people together. (Photo courtesy: Rebecca King)

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