What is your name? *

Brandon Cory Goldberg

What is your age? *


What is your occupation? *


What is your city of residence? *


How many years in public service? *

First-Time Candidate

List your Community/Civic Affiliations: *

American Jewish Committee, Democratic Party of Georgia, Red Clay Democrats, Stonewall Bar Association, Atlanta Black-Jewish Coalition, State Bar of Georgia, Cornell Alumni Association of Atlanta

Where can voters find you online? (social media links & website) *

Facebook and Instagram – /BrandonCoryGoldberg; Twitter – @GoldbergForATL

What is the position you are running for? *

Atlanta City Council, Post 1 At Large

Why are you running for office? *

City Council is a place where I can put my experience of bridge-building to good use. There is a need for a change in this Council seat, and we deserve a better way of solving our problems through sustainable solutions with broad buy-in from different perspectives.

In what ways do you believe your experience will assist you in your position, if elected? *

My extensive service in community organizations spans numerous categories of groups. From political to professional to religious, I have years of experience bringing people from different backgrounds and perspectives together to tackle difficult issues. This is exactly the kind of bridge-building that Atlanta needs.

Why are you the best candidate for this position? *

We can all identify Atlanta’s issues. However, I’m the only candidate proposing specific ideas and doing so with the benefit of campaign advisory committees to ensure broad buy-in and sustainability.

What do you think your constituents need the most? *

I will be a friend and known quantity; someone constituents feel comfortable speaking with about items that need to be addressed. Too many people feel uncomfortable calling Council.

What would you do differently than the predecessor in the position/office you’re running for? *

A perfect example is with the police training facility. Instead of a discussion on what kind of facility we should have and how we can work with police, the discussion was on the location. Regardless of whether someone liked the location, it should have been obvious to leaders that this was going to be a major conflict and delay. The location should have been changed at the start to avoid this.

What are the three (legislative) issues you will address, if elected? *

The three major legislative issues facing Atlanta are public safety, transportation, and housing equity.

If elected, what is your plan of action the first 100 days in office? *

What prevents us from solving our issues is the divide in our community. We need not look any further than the 2017 mayoral runoff precinct results to see the stark divide in Atlanta. We need to bring people together from different backgrounds and perspectives to identify solutions that will have buy-in from all sides. As with my campaign, I will assemble community committees to do just this.
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