What is your name? *

Alfred “Shivy” Brooks

What is your age? *


What is your occupation? *


What is your city of residence? *


How many years in public service? *


List your Community/Civic Affiliations: *

NAACP , SAND, The People’s uprising , Teachers for Good Trouble, NEA

Where can voters find you online? (social media links & website) *

Brooksforatl.com Instagram.com/brooksforatl

What is the position you are running for? *

Atlanta City Council Post 1 At Large

Why are you running for office? *

I am running to end the status quo of Atlanta’s government doing too little for the most of us, while doing a whole lot for the few.

In what ways do you believe your experience will assist you in your position, if elected? *

Because of my experience in different environments, I am able to offer pragmatic, innovative solutions to help move Atlanta towards a better future. I have a perspective which is both grounded and forward-thinking.

Why are you the best candidate for this position? *

Today, I stand on the frontlines, advocating an end to mass homelessness, an end to pervasive poverty, and the protection of voting rights in Atlanta

What do you think your constituents need the most? *

Three issues affecting the city as a whole are affordability, responsiveness, and improved public safety.

What would you do differently than the predecessor in the position/office you’re running for? *

I am running to end the status quo of Atlanta’s government doing too little for the most of us, while doing a whole lot for the few. Our campaign is not just for the corporate executives living in high rises but for average Atlantans, and for every Atlantan who has been overlooked and unheard for the past 24 years

What are the three (legislative) issues you will address, if elected? *

Affordability, Responsiveness, public Safety

If elected, what is your plan of action the first 100 days in office? *

Regarding affordability, I will put forth an ordinance to change tiny home zoning rules. To address our responsiveness, I will seek a review of Atlanta’s 311 app and related service. As a first step in addressing public safety, I would immediately introduce legislation to clarify the duty to intervene policy in place for our police force.

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