Twenty days remain until Election Day and the enthusiasm among the Georgia electorate is at an all-time high. According to, 258,449 people have voted early since the website began charting the general election cycle Sept. 24 compared to 67,732 at this point four years ago.

Numbers from also reveal that African-Americans in Clayton and DeKalb counties have turned out in droves for early voting. In DeKalb, 8,798 African-Americans compared to 5,317 White-Americans have voted early. In Clayton, 4,620 African-Americans compared to 1,015 white Americans have voted early. Yes, there are more Blacks than Whites in Clayton and DeKalb counties; however, the data suggests many in the Metro Atlanta area have heeded the declarations to vote early in this year’s Midterm Elections.

Statewide Turnout:

  • 68,978 ballots cast in-person
  • 60,426 mail-in ballots
  • 129,045 outstanding mail-in ballots

Top Five Georgia Counties based on Early Voter Turnout:

  • Fulton 24,480 (362.1% increase over 2014)
  • DeKalb 15,919 (208.9% increase over 2014)
  • Cobb 10,537 (166.3% increase over 2014)
  • Gwinnett 10,358 (179.2% increase over 2014)
  • Clayton 6,423 (472.5% increase over 2014)

Election Day is November 6th.

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