Cxmmunity and Version1 have joined forces to open the door for Historically Black College and University students to increase the number of minorities engaging in the gaming industry. 

The partnership represents an essential shift to provide more access and opportunity for minority students within the gaming industry.

Cxmmunity is based in Georgia and will lead the launch of the mentorship program that will connect staff across all departments with minority youth and HBCU students to discuss key topics in professional development. Cxmmunity will also tap into its network of partners that are currently supporting minority and HBCU gaming initiatives to amplify the overall program. 

“When we first started our discussions with Version1, we knew immediately that we were going to build something special together,” Ryan Johnson, founder and executive director of Cxmmunity said in a press release. “We are all dedicated to executing a robust program that will be meaningful, memorable and sustainable for these students.”

The scholarship program by Version1 is committing $25,000 to establish a scholarship program. The scholarships by Version1 will award four, $5,000 academic scholarships to college freshmen and sophomores attending an HBCU institution during the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Eligibility for the scholarship isn’t just limited to a specific major but a large range including sales and marketing, operations, content creation, IT and design.

The application process asks for candidates to illustrate their passion for gaming and/or explain how their pursuit of a college education and professional degree may support a career in gaming or esports. The application process is open and will continue through Sept. 30.

The winners will be notified in October.

There is another scholarship available as Version1 is awarding a $5,000 scholarship in a Call of Duty tournament for student-athletes and teams competing in Cxmmunity’s HBCU Esports League during the 2021-2022 academic year.

“Cxmmunity is doing incredible work in support of HBCU Esports and empowering underrepresented students, and we are honored to build these programs together,” Brett Diamond, chief operating officer at Version1 said in a press release. “In developing our part of the partnership, we are thinking through the lens of the tangible skills and experience we look for in entry-level job candidates, and focusing on giving students real-world experience to develop those skills as well as mentorship that will help them to stand out in the future. Ryan Johnson and Cxmmunity have shown to be leaders in moving the dial on inclusivity in gaming, and these programs are continued progress in building an industry that is accessible to, and safe for all.”

Cxmmunity launches Version1’s Scholarship and Mentorship programs. (Photo Credit: Cxmmunity)