Are you ready to make six figures? Do people often call you to “pick your brain?” If you answered yes to either question, Nicole Robert Jones has a solution for you. The best-selling author and CEO of FIERCE Factor Lab have spent years coaching women into entrepreneurship.

She recently hosted a “Find Your Fierce” workshop in Atlanta where she helped a room full of women identify their talents and explore ways to create multiple streams of income. She also sat down with The Atlanta Voice’s Rashida Powell to talk about the tour, how women can turn passion into revenue and much more.

AV: Explain the premise behind FIERCE Factor Lab.

Jones: “Fierce” is a play on “Sasha Fierce.” When Beyonce is on stage as Sasha Fierce, she’s unapologetically herself and stands strong in the full power of her gift. I walk my clients through a framework that helps them tap into their fierce. I make them think about how it would feel if they too stood in their full power every day – unapologetically.  

AV: How do you help women turn passion into revenue?

Jones: I help bring out what’s best for them. After analyzing what they love to do, what they’re good at and what they’re already doing, I help them find ways to turn that into income. This includes at least one income stream that’s active even while they sleep.   

AV: How do the women who attend your workshops benefit?

NRJ: They walk away with an understanding of what their purpose is and the steps to take to turn that purpose into a business.

AV: Who is your ideal client?

NRJ: My ideal client is anyone who uses their intellectual property to move someone’s life or business forward. That can be a lawyer, accountant, consultant, coach, author or corporate executive planning her exit strategy. If people call you asking for advice – that’s your billion-dollar brand. That’s your intellectual property. Don’t give it away for free!  

AV: More women are turning to entrepreneurship. Why do you think that is?

NRJ: Women need freedom. Self-employment allows us to juggle our responsibilities while still generating income and doing what we love.

AV: You encourage your clients to focus on their “Truth.” What role does “Truth” play in growing a business?   

NRJ: When you stop trying to be like everyone else, you find success. It’s about knowing the truth of your gifts and realizing that your “fierce” is not the next person’s “fierce” – and that’s OK. I’ve learned that when we’re authentic, people love us more because we’re being true to who we are. That’s why “Truth” is at the center of my coaching.

AV: What advice do you have for people assessing progress on their 2018 goals?

NRJ: Most people set comfortable goals. I encourage them to step outside of what’s comfortable and easy. What is that big, audacious goal you won’t tell anyone about because it scares you? That’s the goal you should go for.

AV: What do you say to women who want to step out on their own but are unsure of what steps to take?

NRJ: Get help. When I started my business, I invested in a coach. This was someone who was ten years ahead of me who could help me strategize. Even coaches need coaches because you can’t coach yourself. I also recommend that people invest in themselves and their business. The more you invest, the more returns you see.  

AV: What’s one of the biggest mistakes women entrepreneurs make?

NRJ: They discount themselves. They give their talent and expertise away for free and assume that because other people do what they do, they can’t charge their worth. Someone may do what you do, but no one does it how you do it. We are all unique.

AV: How can we keep up with you?

NRJ: You can find me online at or on Twitter at @NRobertsJones.


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