(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Hand Heart and Soul Project)

Atlanta’s Head Heart, and Soul Project recently celebrated the grand opening of its new “Learning Spaces” center, in partnership with United Way of Greater Atlanta. An innovative facility staffed with committed teachers, the center educates children (ages 0-5) but also empowers parents to healthy eating habits, engage in workshops, storytelling sessions, playtime, exercise, and even practice yoga.

Located in Clayton County, this center is one of seventeen centers that United Way implemented, strategically located across Cobb, Clayton, DeKalb, Douglas, and Fulton counties.

It is also the fifth center that has opened in Clayton County.

“We teach them how to get ready for school. We understand that the parents and family are the first caretakers for children and we want to make sure everyone is ready for kindergarten,” said Ben Mitchell, education outreach coordinator for Hand Heart and Soul.

Mitchell recognized the critical importance of early development and how it can shape behavioral patterns and lay the foundation for lifelong success.

Mitchell continued, “To prepare for them we have a lot of activities and things like science and motor skills and physical activities like yoga. Because we are a nonprofit organization and we are committed to a healthy way of eating we have farm-to-table fresh fruits and introduce them to healthy snacks and better lifestyles when it comes to healthy eating habits “

The Hand, Heart and Soul Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing Clayton County by enhancing access to quality education, nutrition, and community resources.

Hand Heart and Soul strongly advocates for the farm-to-table approach to foster healthy eating habits within the community.

Each ‘Learning Spaces’ center offers two hours of daily availability. Upon joining the program, parents, caretakers, or caregivers gain access to two hours per day from Monday to Friday, during which they must be present alongside their child.

Drop-offs are not permitted, as the organization believes in the significance of meaningful engagement between the child and their daily caregiver.

“We are a vital resource for communities. Learning Spaces provide an opportunity for kids to have access to high-quality learning experiences even if they are enrolled in a regular school. We provide fun-filled activities because fun is the foundation of everything we do,” said Cerrice Dawson, senior director of Early Learning at United Way of Greater Atlanta.

“This is the fifth center we have launched in Clayton County. We are building brains here. Ages 0-5 are the most vital years. The first five years of brain development is where the magic happens in a child’s life.”

To further engage interested parents, the project hosts a special orientation every Friday. To explore more about their initiatives and to find out the dates of the next monthly fresh vegetable distribution, please visit their website at https://handheartsoulproject.org.