The City of Atlanta announced its intent to acquire the West End Performing Arts Center from Fulton County through legislation introduced to the City Council last week.

This would transfer the facility, located at 945 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., to the city at a nominal fee, according to a press release. Additionally, the city will be allocating resources to the refurbishment of the arts center.

The vision of the center is to enhance the quality of life of all Fulton County citizens through quality arts education and performing arts programs. In addition, the center aims to support local and community artists, develop new and maintain existing partnerships with community groups and other arts organizations, and develop and create programs that embrace a changing West End community.

“The West End Performing Arts Center is a pillar of arts and culture in Atlanta and the West End community, and this acquisition will allow us to continue showcasing the best the city has to offer,” said Mayor Andre Dickens. “The Center will enhance the quality of life for residents through arts education and programming while lifting up our own local talent and creative endeavors.”

Once the acquisition is approved, the center will initially be operated by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs in collaboration with Fulton County to ensure a smooth transition.

The Mayor’s Arts Advisory Committee will contribute to the planning for the City’s administration of the Center. Members of the committee represent a diverse collection of Atlanta’s artistic disciplines and backgrounds, including visual arts, fashion, film and television, photography, theatre, journalism and more.

The West End Performing Arts Center will continue to enhance community programming, support local artists, advance partnerships with community groups and arts organizations and continue to develop the West End community as an arts and cultural hub in the city.

Community programming will embrace the evolving West End community. The Center also includes a classroom and workspace as well as an auditorium which will be used to support programming and events. 

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