Atlanta city leaders are preparing for another attempt by Georgia lawmakers to put the world’s busiest airport under the state’s control.

Some prominent politicians say that establishing a strong and independent Inspector General position could be key to staving off a state takeover of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The Inspector General position is seen by some as key to combating City Hall corruption — and helpful in keeping airport operations under local control.

The City Council in November solidified its opposition to a state takeover of the airport. They say that’s a top goal when the Georgia General Assembly begins its session later this month.

The council has also sponsored legislation to establish the Inspector General position.

However, there are few details about the powers that will be bestowed on the office or how the IG will operate, the Atlanta newspaper reported. That is still being worked out between the council and Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ administration.

“The Administration is working diligently with Council to establish the position of Inspector General,” said the mayor’s spokesman, Micheal Smith.

An Inspector General with subpoena power and supervisory authority over the city’s new transparency officer could preempt state legislation aimed at wresting away control of the airport, former Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens has said.

Multiple scandals have beset City Hall in recent years. When Georgia lawmakers tried to create a state authority to manage the airport last year, allegations of corruption at the airport became a call to arms for those championing the proposal, the newspaper reported.

The central figure behind a state takeover has said he is not giving up.

“Progress was made last session, but the work to end corruption and bribery has not stopped,” state Sen. Burt Jones, R-Jackson, wrote on his campaign website during the summer.

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