The city of Atlanta doesn’t usually follow Louisville when it comes to culturally significant hip-hop moments, but Friday afternoon Atlanta did just that by proclaiming September 16 Nappy Roots Day. To the Grammy-nominated group it meant just as much as it did years ago when Nappy Roots Day was born in the bluegrass state. 

Best known for popular songs like, “Good Day”, “Awnaw”, “Country Boyz” and “Po’ Folks,” Nappy Roots was being recognized for their efforts as business owners on a stretch of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive that didn’t get many inquiries a year ago. 

“It’s a great honor, we’ve been celebrating Nappy Roots Day and now we have two days to celebrate,” said group member Skinny Deville. “We’re very thankful.”

“This just means we are going in the right direction,” said group member and Milledgeville native Fish Scales. “We are determined to carry out our goals and our message.”

The group’s message is simple: Positivity. 

“Nappy Roots Day is based on being positive and paying it forward,” Skinny Deville said.

 The Bluff, one of the beers on tap at Atlantucky, is named after the once predominantly Black neighborhood just a few blocks away from where the group was taking questions from the media. Proceeds from the sale of the beer will go towards a local charity that makes it possible for kids to go on college visits.

Group member B. Still had to choke back tears in order to get his thoughts out. “It’s just surreal to have this day today,” he said. “Atlanta is our biggest market.” And now with the opening of the group’s bar and lounge, Atlantucky, not only home to a thriving business but their second home.

“Atlanta is one of the biggest cities in the word, so this is surreal,” said Ron Clutch, also a member of the group. 

Nappy Roots Day was also the debut of Naptober Fest, a new beer that celebrates the group’s one-year anniversary as business owners in Atlanta. 

About celebrating Nappy Roots Day going forward Skinny Deville said, “We promise we will do good with this day.”

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