Nse Ufot, CEO of the New Georgia Project, predicted there would be a backlash “to our multiracial, multilingual progressive majority that is winning elections.”

From the moment Joe Biden won Georgia by 11,799 votes to the January runoff elections, Georgia Republicans have put forth more than 100 bills that promise “electoral reformation.”

Those bills have been boiled down to three massive omnibus measures: Senate Bill 241, House Bill 513 and Senate Bill 202.

However, there have been no cases of voter fraud in Georgia.

The New Georgia Project has brought to light the multinational businesses that are based in Georgia that have donated $7.4 million dollars to Georgia lawmakers.

Aetna, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, General Motors were those named in a report published by the organization once headed up by Stacey Abrams.

“We’ve got 55,000 Georgians that have signed up since we launched the corporate accountability campaign,” Ufot explained. “They have reached out to CEOs and the government relations officers, these eleven Georgia companies that have given money to the sponsors of this trash legislation, and so we have billboards, starting on NBA All-Star Weekend on Northside Drive and around State Farm Arena.”

“We’ve since expanded to include billboards going after Aflac and Coca Cola and delta and Home Depot and and around their corporate offices, while running a digital ad campaign that’s targeting the hundreds of thousands of employees that work for these companies … Not only are they corporate citizens who live in Georgia, but they employ literally hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters.”

The bill Ufot referred to is Senate Bill 241. It would limit absentee voting to people 65 and older, those with a physical disability and people who will be out of town on Election Day.

It would also require an ID for those who are able to vote absentee, among many other changes.

The bill is currently in committee before it heads to the house for final passage before Sine Die, the last day of the legislative session.

Ufot says the decision of purchasing billboards and taking on the Georgia-based corporations was no small decision, considering the amount of Black women in Atlanta and throughout Georgia that are gainfully employed, some in high positions, with these companies.

“We can’t allow the sort of legacy of Atlanta and what it means to the narrative or the story of Black people in this country overcoming and we can’t allow them to try to mute that,” Ufot said.

“And that’s what happened on January 6th: Ossoff and Warnock won the runoff races and it was called in the morning. Later that afternoon, people were breaking into the Capitol killing police officers, putting their feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, and carrying a Confederate flag through the Capitol, something that Confederate soldiers weren’t even able to do during the Civil War.”

After our interview, Senate Bill 202 has surfaced in a House Special Committee on Election Integrity, chaired by State Rep. Barry Fleming.

The measure would restrict a voter’s right to cast a provisional ballot, criminalize the handing out of water or snacks to voters standing in long lines, and would allow children as young as thirteen to be charged with a felony for witnessing someone cast a ballot.

Moreover, SB 202 would strip the Georgia Secretary of State’s authority to oversee elections by taking over the State Election Board, which would give legislators the ability to fire and replace an entire county’s Board of Elections and local election workers at their discretion.

This is done with the belief Governor Kemp and Lieutenant Governor Duncan are not the influences within the Georgia Republican caucus that they thought they were.

“I think that the Gov. Kemp is getting whipped within his caucus, that they likely have lost control, and they don’t have the authority that party leaders normally enjoy in the legislature,” said Ufot. “They like the most strident hardcore Trump republicans in the legislature gave them their attitude. And so it’s not clear who’s leading the party, and that it will descend into chaos.”

The Georgia Legislative session winds to a close on March 31st. Ufot openly wonders that the Democrats are on a high right now, the Republican Party is dazed and confused. She wonders who controls the Republican party, and by proxy, controls the narrative in Georgia Republican politics after the 2020 Election?

“Why has Kemp lost control of his party?”, said Ufot. “And who runs the Georgia Republican Party because if they say the Secretary of State said there’s no wide-spread voter fraud, if the governor got on TV and said there’s no wide-spread voter fraud, then why can’t he get his party under control?”

Nse Ufot and The New Georgia Project have highlighted businesses that have donated money to legislators who support bills that result in voter suppression. (Photo Credit: The New Georgia Project)

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