Stars, they are just like us.

Except that most of us don’t have glam squads.

But with people staying home during the pandemic, said squads appear to have been put on hold for many famous faces who have chosen to go with a more… natural look.

A quick perusal of social media shows that many in the public eye, for who looking their best is often part of the job, are scaling back on some styling.

Sean “Love” Combs, 50, is sporting a silver fox look these days, with his now mostly gray beard.

His followers got to see the streaks up close in a recent video he posted on Instagram.

Sports analyst and former professional athlete Deion Sanders, 52, looks to have traded in his “Prime Time” nickname for more of a “Father Time” feeling, with a full, gray beard.

Kevin Hart recently admitted to being a “frequent dyer” to deal with his gray hair. Last month, DJ Khaled shared a comparison photo of his usual styling versus his quarantine look, writing “THEY DONT WANT ME TO GET A HAIRCUT SMH !”

“I NEED MY BEARD oil,” he joked about his usually exquisitely maintained facial hair.

If you, too, are struggling with coloring your hair, actress Teri Hatcher has got you (and your natural hair color) covered.

The “Lois & Clark” star put up a tutorial on her official Instagram account about how to dye at home.

“A girlfriend of mine needed help getting her gray roots covered during #selfisolation,” Hatcher wrote in the caption of her tutorial video. “I’ve been covering the gray at home for years. Here is my tutorial for you, Jill.”

Kelly Clarkson is appearing without makeup on her social media these days, which feels right for the refreshing and down to earth singer.

“Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently joked about doing her own hair and makeup, while getting out the very real message that staying home can help stop the spread of coronavirus.

“You know normally when I do a PSA like this, I have a hair and makeup team,” she said. “A glam team, a professional glam team, who come and help me with my look.”

She then proceeded to apply some cosmetics with a very generous hand.

Sean Combs and his gray beard have been self-isolating during the pandemic. (Photo: Sean Combs/Instagram)
Sean Combs and his gray beard have been self-isolating during the pandemic. (Photo: Sean Combs/Instagram)

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