The vivacious and versatile Lillie Mae knew this was one of those times she had to press the pause button on her life lived in 5th gear. She decided to dive head-first into the pool of potential love candidates on the “Love Is Blind” reality show.

Mae is the quintessential embodiment of what most men want (or at least what they say publicly): single, sexy, savvy and successful. But, on the show “Love Is Blind,” Mae wanted to add a fifth “s” to her repertoire, as in “synchronization” with another man’s soul.

The Netflix hit show revolves around a phalanx of men and women who are looking to amplify their chances at love by undergoing a unique dating and courtship process to see if the cast members can create chemistry with the opposite sex — without ever seeing each other in person.

Nick Lachey, 46, who came to fame as a member of 98 Degrees singing group, and his wife Vanessa created this delectable social cocktail that has quickly become the No. 1 show on Netflix.

It’s a platform where single folks try to find a match and fall in love — all without ever seeing each other face-to-face. Yep, men and women try to created lasting connections with another human being before being physically attracted to each other. In fact, some of the men and women fall in love and even get engaged before even hugging each other.

Taking calculated is a part of Mae’s modus operandi and is how she has arrived at success as a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an author, motivational speaker, teacher and entrepreneur.

Mae said she couldn’t wait to hang up her power suits and don the metaphorical robe of romance. She’d immerse herself full throttle in a dizzying and enthralling show where everyone tries to procure the one thing that all humans need and covet over everything else: love.

“I loved the idea of taking a break from the hectic nature of my daily obligations to be put into an environment that allowed women and men to consistently communicate without distractions,” Mae said. “As an entrepreneur, I’d been extremely consumed with my business, so this allowed me a much-needed break to purely focus on developing a potential romantic connection.”

Producers took inventory of Mae’s attractive visage, gregariousness and ability to intertwine herself within different settings and decided she would be ideal to participate in the show. Mae said the experience on “Love is Blind,” which just wrapped up the season on March 5, was beyond her expectations.

“It has been extremely exciting to be apart of such a huge show,” said the Netflix addict who never envisioned herself being featured on a show on this mega-streaming service. “It’s a bit surreal to appear on that platform. The experience both during filming and after filming was super fun, and unlike anything, I could have imagined.”

Though Mae did not find love on the show, she did receive some unexpected gifts in an ideal for a new book along with some invaluable lessons about who she is and what she really wants.

(Photo: Courtesy of Lille Mae)
(Photo: Courtesy of Lille Mae)

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