Generational wealth boils down to one word: “inheritance.”  As part of Black History Month 2021, Camelback Ventures launched an interactive #NextInLine social media campaign today inviting users to design and post free custom templates honoring those (past and present) who have inspired them to empower future generations.

The #NextInLine campaign powered by Camelback Ventures is a social media call to action to establish a collective transfer of assets, values, and policies to build inclusive wealth across future generations. Inheritance is simply a matter of what we create and practice in our daily lives that will inevitably be passed along.

“When Camelback first started, our goal was to build a community of people committed to diversifying entrepreneurship,”  explained Camelback Ventures Founder & CEO Aaron T. Walker. “We know, though, that our work is about more than putting new faces to old problems. It is about how we can grow a community willing to use its assets to pass on a future that can work for everyone.”

“Much of our work at Camelback Ventures centers around uplifting and empowering people of color and women founders to be their best selves and thrive in the entrepreneurial space,” Walker added. “My hope is that Camelback’s #NextInLine campaign will allow us to continue to successfully implement our mission by allowing the entrepreneurs we serve, our supporters, and new friends to create positive ripple effects to build a more equitable future that will be felt by future generations.”

Camelback Ventures is a national accelerator that identifies, develops, and promotes early-stage undervalued (particularly BIPOC + women) entrepreneurs with the aim to increase individual and community education, and generational wealth.

As a result of BIPOC communities have been lawfully and socially excluded from building wealth, Black wealth in this country continues to remain precarious and hard to secure because each generation has inherited reinvented racism, which has been indirectly proportional to the endurance of white wealth.

“The purpose of this movement is to promote advocacy education for those committed to designing and investing in the creation of thriving BIPOC communities and the entrepreneurs that serve them,” said Camelback Ventures Director of Strategic Partnerships Kelli Saulny. “Through data, history, and storytelling our aim is to shape their understanding of wealth opportunities, impact, and the challenges in between them.”

Participants can still join the unique social media campaign and create their own personalized template to share with their social media fam and the world by visiting:

(Photo: Camelback Ventures)

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