Brain Love, a Black-owned fashion brand focused on mental health awareness, is now available for purchase at Saks 5th Avenue.

Owned and founded by Archie Clay III, who first ventured into fashion in 2016 opening his first brand, Wearbrims with his co-owner Tahj Crutch. Clay faced a pivotal moment that questioned his life’s trajectory earlier this year when Wearbrims came to an unceremonious end. Marked by separation from this previous venture, Clay says he plunged into a mental spiral. 

The emotional turmoil that accompanied his separation from Wearbrims fueled his quest to reevaluate his life’s purpose. He said that intense period of reflection led him to lean on his faith, tap into his spirituality, and ultimately, shift his mindset towards a greater calling.

“God made me realize that I had to lock in on my faith first then start shifting my mindset. It didn’t come easily, he didn’t come right then. I just kind of had to lock in and just figure out where I wanted to go from there,” Clay told The Atlanta Voice.

Amidst this personal transformation, Clay realized that adversity is a universal experience, shared by people from all walks of life. As he read books and listened to motivational speakers, Clay was inspired by the idea that individuals must seek higher purposes and connect with those who motivate and inspire them. This revelation laid the foundation for Brain Love, a brand determined to challenge societal norms and inspire individuals to break free from limiting beliefs.

“We need to get outside the box, create our narrative, and define success on our terms, thinking big and breaking free from the mold,” says Clay.

Founder and Owner Archie Clay III pictured with Fiancé Alex Tucker. Photo by Noah Washington/The Atlanta Voice

Consisting of traditional gender inclusive garments, Clay wanted to make Brain Love different by having a give back positivity to his community and gave himself a challenge. 5% of our Brain Love’s annual sales will go to Silence The Shame, an Atlanta-based mental health charity based.

Clay envisions Brain Love as more than just a fashion brand. He sees the company as a movement. Aspiring to create a brand that not only produces stylish products but also champions mental resilience. 

“God wants to see you evolve,” Clay said. 

The brand’s mission extends beyond fashion, with a focus on education and community engagement. Partnering with schools and organizations, Brain Love is committed to sharing its story and motivating young minds to think bigger. 

“I want us to be able to think bigger and I want our customers to think bigger and that and we want to push that narrative to tell stories like truly tell stories around man,” Clay said.

Clay, a Tuskegee University graduate, wants people to understand the importance of inspiring the younger generation- emphasizing that disruption in the fashion industry truly occurs when creating a community where change is driven by a transformational mindset, “I didn’t have people in my corner, pushing me into a nice level, especially with an HBCU community, as a man, we get the short end of the stick, especially within the fashion space,” Clay said.

Clay wants consumers to know that Brain Love is not just a brand. He says it’s a philosophy of self-empowerment and resilience that he hopes will inspire countless individuals to think big, believe in themselves, and create positive change in the world.

“A part of my purpose is to motivate and inspire anyone, but more importantly, especially HBCUs, my culture, my community, and get them to think bigger,” Clay said.

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