Pinky Cole only had a few minutes to talk before she had to go. She always has to go somewhere. The founder & CEO of Slutty Vegan, Cole, a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, has a new vegan cookbook, Eat Plants Bitch, set to be release November 15. 

Pinky Cole, founder & CEO, Slutty Vegan. Photo submitted.

These days she’s also preparing for a book tour, opening new Slutty Vegan franchises around the country, including most recently in Brooklyn, New York. She is also enjoying being a mother. “I’m a lot more gentler than I used to be,” she said during a recent interview with The Atlanta Voice. 

This Q&A is the first installment profiles on Black-owned business owners. There are 3.12 million Black business owners in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And more specifically in Atlanta there are over 7,500 Black-owned businesses in Atlanta, according to data from Lending Tree, a national online loan marketplace.

Those businesses deserve to have a spotlight put on them. This is that weekly spotlight. 

Donnell Suggs


The Atlanta Voice

October 21, 2022

The Atlanta Voice: What’s next for the Slutty Vegan brand? 

Pinky Cole: New store opening, movies, TV shows, philanthropic efforts, a book, everything. We are not  limiting ourselves as a brand. We got a lot going on and you know we like to surprise folks.

AV: How do you decide on your next projects? You must have a million ideas and pitches thrown your way everyday.

PC: It has to feel right by my spirit. My energy talks to me and I know that’s God talking to me. When it comes to business it has to be beneficial to both parties.

AV: How has being a mother helped you as a businesswoman?

PC: Now I’m more understanding and patient. I have been able to transfer those skillets to my business. 

AV: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?

PC: I would tell her that the story has been written. Just keep doing the same things you’ve been doing. I realize what I was doing got me here. I was able to learn along the way, so even if you stumble, it’s OK.

AV: When does the book tour begin and where is it headed?

PC: The Eat Plants Bitch book tour begins November 14 in New York. We will be in Atlanta November 19, Los Angeles November 21, Dallas November 28 and Baltimore December 2.

AV: How can people get tickets?

PC: Tickets are available on

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