4 All Coils is a newly launched company that provides natural type four bundles in various lengths. 

Its founder and CEO, Aneeta Pearson, discovered the need for her product after experiencing  problems styling her own thick, kinky hair. 

“When I was pregnant with my son eight years ago, I transitioned into becoming natural due to the dyes, chemicals, perms and straightening products that I knew could potentially be hazardous to my health and to the health of my son in the womb,” Pearson said. “During that transition period, it was difficult finding hair textures that matched my 4C hair.” 

Pearson says she looked everywhere. “At that time we were in Michigan, so, I traveled back and forth to Detroit to get my hair braided as a protective style. However, once the braiding process [was] over and a couple of weeks later I had to do my hair again.”

She tried braids, crochet styles and wigs. She struggled to find a practical style for her hair as she transitioned from relaxers to becoming natural. She couldn’t find natural extensions that matched her hair texture and decided to make her own. 

“I realized that this is a beauty problem and as a mom of three children with a busy lifestyle and becoming natural, I believe that I’m not the only one with this issue,” Pearson said. “There has to be other women out there who are going through the same problem, [and are] in need of hair extensions that match as they would like to do protective styling, color experimentation and [are going through] the transition phase.”

Creating 4 All Coils was a spontaneous decision, as Pearson is a social worker by trade. She has two master’s degrees and her own consulting business specializing in child welfare. Pearson is able to combine her background in social work and entrepreneurship through 4 All Coil’s social impact aspect.

Through her hair bundle business, Pearson can help underprivileged youth interested in becoming entrepreneurs achieve their goals with access to resources, such as coaching.

Establishing 4 All Coils for Pearson, a woman without a team of employees behind her, made life move by quickly. The journey from strategizing to manufacturing was a blur. She explained that she’s able to keep balance in her life through prayer. 

“I launched [4 All Coils] officially two months ago,” Pearson said. “But within these two months, it’s been a tremendous blessing. Putting myself out there – not just as an entrepreneur, but as a woman, as a woman of color, as a busy mom- there are women just like me.”

So far, getting the word out about her bundle business has been the biggest challenge for Pearson. She hasn’t let it discourage her goal of meeting the needs of women with type four hair. Pearson also has hope of expanding the brand to include clip-on extensions and hair care products in the future.

During this process of starting 4 All Coils, Pearson made sure to have intention behind every action and in every detail. She chose black packaging for a discreet and luxurious feel. The brand’s logo highlights a piece of Pearson’s heritage.

According to the 4 All Coils Website, “the logo is a stylized heart-shaped Ghanaian, Adinkra symbol and brand name. One of two symbols, Sankofa, is a proverb of the Akan tribe from the Twi language.”

Pearson, from Ghana, wanted the logo for her brand to have an important meaning behind it. 

“I needed it to have a significant meaning that would stick with the customer,” Pearson said. “So with this symbol, I tied it into the natural hair movement. We were natural before we were brought to the United States. As we go through this transition process of this natural hair movement, yes, we want to remain our natural true selves, and as we remain our natural true selves we remember the past to prepare us for the future.”

4 All Coils is available for both consumer sales and wholesale. Pearson plans to expand her business but doesn’t want to grow in a direction that would take away from catering to the type four hair community she wants to serve. 

“I would like to remain in the type four hair community business because I see how, unfortunately we are overlooked,” Pearson said. “I have 4C hair, it is not classified as beautiful, professional, or worth noting when you walk into a beauty supply store. From my own personal experience, unfortunately, all type four hair is usually at the back next to the trash can because you have all this straight Brazilian weaves and wigs up front, which ‘makes more money’.” 

Pearson continued, “I hate to say it, but this is a marginalized category of natural hair that I feel like needs to be brought to the forefront. We are beautiful; our hair is beautiful. And we should not have to alter our hair to fit into society.”


Aneeta Pearson and 4 All Coils has a mission for 4C hair and it includes showing how beautiful it is. (Photo Credit:Aneeta Pearson)