On Wednesday, Oct. 11, music producer Christopher “Drumma Boy” Gholson hosted a release reception for his book, “Drumma Boy: Behind The Hits.” Photo by Noah Washington/The Atlanta Voice

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, music producer Christopher “Drumma Boy” Gholson hosted a release reception for his book, “Drumma Boy: Behind The Hits.”

The book provides an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes moments that have marked Gholson’s extensive career in Hip-Hop. This release is particularly significant as it coincides with Gholson’s 40th birthday and the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop.

To celebrate the launch of “Behind The Hits,” Drumma Boy and Wahida Clark Publishing, the book’s publisher, jointly organized a book release event at the House of Fresh retail store  located on Howell Mill Road.

In attendance at the book’s unveiling was Wahida Clark, the founder and owner of Wahida Clark Publishing. She had first encountered Gholson in February 2023 at his studio, during which Gholson shared his aspirations and objectives for the book. Already in the process of writing the book, he sought Clark’s guidance to bring the project to completion. Clark recounted, “He told me what he was trying to do and what he wanted to do. He had started to write the book, he just needed to finish it and get it out. He needed me to make it happen.” This introduction between Gholson and Clark was facilitated through one of Clark’s authors, Alah Adams.

Wahida Clark with her daughter, Wahida Clark Jr. Photo by Noah Washington/The Atlanta Voice

Wahida Clark, although initially unfamiliar with Drumma Boy, was impressed when reviewing the book and discovering the prominent figures he had worked with. She noted his hustle and passion as evident in the pages of the book. 

““I didn’t even know who Drumma Boy was until I got the story and I’m going through the pages and looking at all the heavy hitters that he worked with. Seeing his hustle, feeling his passion,” Clark told The Atlanta Voice”.

Both Gholson and Clark recognize Hip-Hop as more than just a musical genre. They emphasize its power to convey stories, emotions, and experiences, highlighting its literary dimension. “Hip hop is a world for us to express ourselves. It means grace. It means positivity. It means negativity. It means balance, and being able to have all of those things in one pot,” Gholson articulated.

“Behind The Hits” offers readers a glimpse into Drumma Boy’s personal journey, from his upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee, to his career in the music industry. The book is organized with over 50 “tracks” instead of traditional chapters, each named after songs he has produced for artists in the Hip-Hop and R&B genres.

The book begins with his early years as the son of a Memphis Opera vocalist and his father, who was the first Black principal clarinetist in the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Drumma Boy’s entry into the world of music was further influenced by his brother, the late Ensayne Wayne, who introduced him to the recording studio at the young age of 12.

Regarding the book’s development, Gholson explained that he had been collecting notes over the years, chronicling various moments in his life.

“Well, I had jotted down notes over the course of the past like seven years, just dropping down different moments,” Gholson said, recounting his early days working on the book. “ It was already in my head, this is my life story, it was just about putting it in chronological order, where it made sense, you know, and sharing these stories with the world,” Gholson continued.

The release of “Behind The Hits” during the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop prompted Gholson to reflect on his role in its history.

“I believe people primarily see how music has inspired, uplifted, and transformed countless lives,” he said. “I help transition people from being in the dope game and dealers and turn them into businessmen.”

Gholson then reflected on the essence of Hip-Hop, stating, “It’s about helping us express our stories while keeping our spirits as pure as possible and channeling our energy, even when it’s negative, to share and vent, letting others know what we’re going through.”