Majic 107.5’s Ryan Cameron, along with The Gathering Spot founder Ryan Wilson, are among the 45 men inducted into the new class of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. 

The 100 Black Men of Atlanta Inc. is a non-profit organization providing college preparatory services and mentorship to at-risk, Atlanta youth through its flagship program Project Success. Since its inception in 1987, 100 percent of the students who complete Project Success have graduated from high school and 80 percent have graduated from college in four years, far outpacing the national averages.

It is a chapter of 100 Black Men of America Inc., a national alliance of leading African American men of business, public affairs, and government with a mission to improve the quality of life for African Americans, particularly African American youth. 

“The 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. is extremely excited about bringing this new class of members into our organization,” said Kevin Gooch, the organization’s chairman of the board. “The resumes and professional experiences speak for themselves, but the desire to serve exhibited by each of these men will ensure that the positive impact of our organization will be felt for decades to come.”

The Atlanta chapter was founded in 1986 by Atlanta-based entrepreneur, Nathaniel R. Goldston, III, the founder of Gourmet Services, Inc. (GSI), the largest African American wholly-owned food service management company in the nation. He passed away in 2017. 

“I am deeply honored to join this class,” said Wilson who is a native of Atlanta. He adds, “the 100 Black Men is one of the organizations and communities that I’ve long admired, and as I think of the men that were active and engaged in the community as I’ve grown up a lot of those men were members of the 100.”

Cameron, who also serves as the voice of the Atlanta Hawks, is looking forward to helping high school and middle school students all over the metro area. 

“I think it is a beautiful time in America for the youth of color,” Cameron said, “and I must do everything that I can within my realm of relationships and possibilities to make sure they have a bright future.” 

He added, “I believe that God exists on our own island and we need to start operating more like trees with the 100 being the root, as opposed to with pyramids people of power sitting up on top and everybody else is under them so that’s what I’m trying to do is help become a root for the tree and today’s youth.”

Gooch said he is looking forward to the impact these new members will make not only for the organization but on the young people in the capital city. “Our future is bright because of this class and our communities will definitely benefit from their time, talent, and resources.”

To get the full list of new member class of 2020 of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, log onto 

(Photo: Courtesy of Majic 107.5)

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