With preparations to release his fourth studio album, R&B singer Sammie is entering the next chapter of an almost 20-year career in music.

The Flordia-native and longtime Atlanta resident already released two singles ahead of his album’s March 1st release date.

Sammie says that his upcoming album, “Everlasting,” promises to show the side of him his fans never get to see.

“If I were to leave this Earth today and you found a handwritten journal of me, that’s this, in audio form,” Sammie said. “It’s not just about one past relationship or one ex specifically, it’s all the encounters that I’ve ever had since dating; since I was 17.”

The 31-year-old explained that the title of his upcoming album came from his mother, who always told him that everything he does in life will have an everlasting effect on what type of man he will become.

The title also speaks to the fact that since 1999, Sammie has been able to go in and out of music with albums, mixtapes, and EPs, each time speaking to a new group of R&B listeners.

“I’ve learned the importance of staying innovative, reinventing yourself but not forceful,” Sammie said. “Just as a natural flow of evolution.”

“I came into the business when cassette tapes were a thing and then it became CDs, and iPods, now it’s all about streaming formats. It’s very important to stay with the times.”

While most of his fans remember the days when Sammie was 12-years-old singing songs like “I Like It” and “Crazy Things I Do,” he says that his new music highlights will reflect his status as a grown man.

“I’ve showcased so many different sides of me from being vulnerable to being intellectually in sync with women and how they feel, but I haven’t yet shown that bold, sensual, sex side which is also a part for myself,” Sammie said.

Take his latest single for example. The flagship single for the upcoming album, “Times 10” (feat. Lil’ Baby) is a very erotic song.

“It’s really] sexy, it’s a record that the women will love and they’ll indulge in,” Sammie said. “[I got] Lil Baby on it just to add that extra flare to it.”

More recently, he released  “Playlist” for Valentine’s Day, which is also the same day pre-orders for “Everlasting” become available.

As the album release date steadily approaches, Sammie is also excited for his next single, “How Long is Too Long,” which is scheduled to be released on the same day as the “Everlasting.”

“It’s about a man that finally is experiencing love in the right way and you’re asking your lover how long is too long because I don’t want this moment to ever end,” Sammie said.

“Times 10” and “Playlist” are currently available on all streaming platforms. Sammie’s fourth studio album is available for pre-order and will be released on March 1st.



(Photo: Blair Devereaux)

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