Atlanta Technical College (ATC) has waived all tuition and fees for the fall semester this year for students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

“Our demographics are made up of a lot of low-income students,” Dorna Werdelin, Associate VP of Communications at ATC said. “Many times we have students dropping out because they can’t meet financial obligations.”

By removing a major financial barrier ATC hopes to give more students access to postsecondary education. 

Students who have dropped out do not have to reapply to continue their education. Instead, they have to complete a readmission form, the ATC authorization form and the current FAFSA.

The decision to cover the fall semester’s tuition and fees was ultimately given the green light by President of ATC Dr. Victoria Seals after multiple discussions with the college’s leadership.

A braided funding strategy will pay for the fall semester. Including gap funds from the ATC Foundation and federal funds, with over 90% of students qualifying for federal financial aid.

ATC also received funds from the Higher Education Relief Fund through the CARES Act. Over 50 programs at ATC are eligible for the HOPE Grant and the HOPE Career Grant through the state of Georgia.

Students who receive funding through the HOPE program can complete their studies tuition-free. Eligible programs at ATC range in fields from computer programming to early childhood programs administration to HVAC technician.

More information on the FAFSA and HOPE grant programs can be found on the Atlanta Technical College Website.

Left to right: Jarrod McNish,William Merriman are standing. Menyon Walton,Kristie Bolemen are sitting.(Photo Credit: Dessie Hall)