Atlanta radio host Kevin C. Pride of ABJ Radio announced that he is stepping in to help struggling families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with $100 towards their bills.

Throughout the month of August, Pride has committed himself to dedicate every Monday toward allowing his listeners to call-in to get their bills paid in an effort to provide community relief.

“I want to try to relieve some of the stress families are feeling by helping to pay small bills during the month of August with $100 giveaways,” Pride said. “People are going through some incredibly challenging times right now and I just wanted to do whatever I could to help in some way.”

People who will receive the $100 contribution only need to listen to his program on iHeart Radio to hear the number that will text to be chosen. Afterward, Pride will choose several people to payout using CashApp.

With unemployment benefits disappearing for many citizens who utilized it as a necessary tool to get through the pandemic, a lot of people are unclear on how they will survive the rest of the year.

Pride said that he began giving away several hundred dollar payments at the beginning of the month, he surprised by the number of friends and Atlanta business owners who decided to chip in and match his contributions.

“I got really excited when I shared the idea with a few friends who are also small business owners who said they’d like to help also, so we’re going to try to help as many families as possible to pay at least one bill by giving away $100.”

Even fellow radio host Rashad Richey of WAOK jumped in to match Pride on some of the payments.

“I’m a strong believer in being the change you want to see and that despite the negative stories we see in the news every day, that people really care about each other. I’m encouraged by the support already coming from the grassroots community. I would love to continue this for as long as it’s needed and really hope to see some larger companies and organizations step in to offer their support also. Together we can really make a tangible difference in people’s lives,” Pride said.

(Photo: Courtesy of Kevin C. Pride of ABJ Radio)
(Photo: Courtesy of Kevin C. Pride of ABJ Radio)

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