According to a statistical analysis report released by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA), Atlanta Public School System has 36 schools that Beat the Odds in 2019. 

The report shows that 41 percent of APS’ schools performed better than expected on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) when compared with schools with similar characteristics across the state.

Additionally, the calculations show that APS has the highest percentage of schools that Beat the Odds when compared to other metro-area districts, and a higher percentage than the overall state rate, which is 31 percent. 

“The release of Beat the Odds calculations shows the measurable academic results happening across our school system,” said APS Superintendent Dr. Meria Carstarphen. “As we analyze these results, it’s important that we continue to look at our schools’ overall academic performance holistically through a number of key indicators, not just one or another.” 

“We remain focused on working the strategic and turnaround plans to accelerate increasing academic achievement in our schools and on preparing our students for the choice-filled lives they deserve.”

Beating the Odds is a statistical analysis that compares a school’s actual performance on the CCRPI) with the performance of schools with similar characteristics across the state. Schools that perform higher than similar schools are considered “Beating the Odds.”

 It is important to note that schools that “Beat the Odds” may still have low CCRPI scores and/or gaps in performance.

The calculation includes variables that are outside of a school’s control, such as school size, percent directly certified, percent English learners, percent of students with disabilities, percent of students in each race (excluding Native American), school churn rate, whether a school is defined as non-traditional and the school type.

Prior to 2018, schools were designated as either “Beat the Odds” or “Did Not Beat the Odds,” but beginning last year, “Did Not Beat the Odds” schools were split into “Within the Expected Range” and “Below the Expected Range.”

With the 2018 revision to the Beating the Odds model, students are now counted in the demographics portion if they were enrolled as “Full-Time Equivalent (FTE).” This is different from previous iterations of the Beating the Odds model, where students were counted in the demographics portion if they were enrolled as “Full Academic Year (FAY).”

For the 2019 CCRPI, APS achieved an overall score of 74.1, an increase from 2018. 

The district narrowed the gap with the state down to 1.8 points and narrowed the gap in both elementary and high school and surpassed the state at the middle school level. 

In total, 48 of 87 APS schools saw increases in their CCRPI scores compared to 2018.

In addition to the 36 APS schools that Beat the Odds (down from 46 last year), 35 were classified as “Within the Expected Range” (up from 26 last year) and 16 were classified as “Below the Expected Range” (the same as last year). 

This means a total of 71 APS schools, or more than 80 percent, either Beat the Odds or performed Within the Expected Range; this is consistent with 2018 performance.

I also want to recognize Deputy Superintendent David Jernigan and the entire Schools and Academics team, especially our Associate Superintendents Dr. Danielle Battle, Yolonda Brown, Dr. Emily Massey, Dr. Dan Sims, and Tommy Usher; our Chief Accountability and Information Officer Bill Caritj and his team, including Michael LaMont and the Data Information Group for providing us with a full analysis of these results,” Carstarphen said.

As we work toward achieving improved results, it’s important that we look holistically at our schools’ overall academic performance. We can’t and don’t look at just one indicator or another to measure progress. We have to analyze all of it.  Today’s Beat the Odds analysis is one of the pieces of information we use to analyze school performance, and it serves as a complement to CCRPI.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Atlanta Public Schools)

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