Atlanta delegates of the “Jamestown to Jamestown” excursion to Ghana reunited on Saturday, Nov. 2, at Ike’s Café and Grill in Norcross, GA.

Karla Gaston, Carolyn Hyppolite, Bilal Shereef, Musah Lotallah and Kiplyn Primus, host of WCLK’s “The Local Take,” all took part in an experience that took them from Jamestown, VA, to Kumasi, Ghana to mark 400 years since the enslavement of African Americans in the United States with five Atlantans.

Sponsored by the NAACP and the Ghanaian government, the five Atlantas were able to meet up with nearly 300 people of African descent from all over the world in Kumasi, Ghana.

The trip began in Jamestown, VA., on August 20, 1619, where participants visited the Jamestown excavation site on the James River where Captain John Smith arrived with “20 odd Africans.”

While in Jamestown the delegates participated in a “call on the spirits” ceremony that consisted of drums and dancing and reviewed documents regarding the egregious history of Jamestown and some of the horrific practices the enslaved Africans were subject to.

From there, they embarked on a 10-day adventure which included departed from Dulles airport aboard South African Airways to travel to Accra, Ghana, where they were able to meet with President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana at the Jubilee House.

Before returning home, the delegates were able to celebrate their trip in at Ike’s Café and Grill, the sister restaurant to the Ike’s here in metro Atlanta.

Primus says that she is currently organizing a trip from Savannah, GA to Ghana for March 2020 to commemorate the “Great Slave Auction of 1859,” also known as, “The Weeping Time.”

Many of the other delegates plan to return to Ghana before the end of the year.

(Photo: Courtesy of “Jamestown to Jamestown” Atlanta delegates)

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