The Atlanta City Council approved legislation Monday authorizing the City to accept a $17.5 million donation from the Atlanta Beltline Partnership for enhancements and improvements to the site of the Westside Reservoir Park (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-4585).

The site is in the early stages of a more than 10-year transformation to become the City’s largest greenspace. The funding will be used to add a vehicle entrance, parking lot, and trail connection to the Grove Park neighborhood, as well as designing and constructing utility infrastructure for restrooms and enhancing drainage and irrigation.

The park is located between Johnson Road and Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and the neighborhoods of West Highlands and Grove Park. Located in northwest Atlanta, it will double as a water reservoir and a 280-acre park when complete.

It is surrounded by the neighborhoods of West Highlands, Knight Park, Howell Station, Bankhead, Grove Park, Rockdale, Hills Park, and Blandtown.

The City of Atlanta purchased the Bellwood Quarry in April 2006. The reservoir work is expected to wrap up in February 2020 and the first phase of the park is anticipated to open that spring.

Additionally, the Council approved two pieces of legislation authorizing grant agreements totaling $2.15 million for the City’s Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program, which provides minor plumbing repairs to low- to moderate-income water and wastewater customers at no cost to the recipient (Legislative Reference Nos. 19-R-4577 and 19-R-4578).

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