During Monday’s meeting, the Atlanta City Council adopted legislation requesting that the Atlanta Police Department (APD) consider installing surveillance cameras in city parks in hopes of deterring crime. 

The legislation highlights how criminal activity has recently spread to parks in Atlanta, such as Piedmont Park and Grant Park. According to the city council’s website, installing and integrating cameras into APD’s Video Integration Center will improve response times.

The Atlanta City Council approved legislation that ratified Mayor Bottom’s executive order that authorized a one-time hiring incentive of up to $500 for employees of the Department of Public Works. 

The council also voted 8-7 to table a ground lease agreement, authorizing the Atlanta Police Foundation to build a public safety training campus on Key Road. The facility will take up 85 of the 265 acres. The remaining acres will serve as a green space. Since the vote postponed the consideration of the agreement, it can be revisited at the next full council meeting.


Shown are security cameras in Philadelphia, Monday, June 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)