Film veteran Mann Robinson’s latest project “Trouble Waters” recently landed on the BET+ streaming services.

The independent film was released and features actors Harry Lenox (“Blacklist”), Tatum O’Neal (“Rescue Me”), Robert Patrick (“Perry Mason”), and many others.

“Troubled Waters is about the character named Ron Waters,” Robinson said. “He is being stilled judged and held up to the mistakes he made in his past. Although he is multitalented in the things that he does, people handle him by his mistakes, not his talents, he has to prove himself.”

“The film was based off of what everyday people go through, shining a light on common hardships.”

With over 15 years of experience in the film industry, Robinson has worked as a producer, director, and writer.

He started producing films back in 2012, five years after entering the film industry, after his 2011 move to Atlanta, where he enrolled in Full Sail University. Shortly after, Robinson transferred to The Art Institute of Atlanta and launched his own film company.

He received attention in 2019 for his film “His, Hers and the Truth,” which was screened at the American Black Film Festival. Afterward, it was purchased by BET and also aired their streaming platform.

Last year, Robinson faced the biggest challenge in his career, filming during a pandemic for “Super Turnt,” the sequel to his popular film “Turnt.”

“Filming during the pandemic we had to decide to go SAG or not go SAG,” Robinson said. “With going SAG comes with benefits but comes with expenses. The seriousness of the COVID-19 regulations pushed me to go SAG.”

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is an American labor union that represents over 100,000 film and television principal and background performers worldwide.

Robinson continued, “Going SAG was the best option in which I knew that the actors, as well as crew and staff, would be taken care of and have to follow the strict guidelines.”

“It was hell shooting the movie due to the regulations of SAG such as the rules of testing actors three times a week and crew and staff getting tested once a week. It was rough, but we got it done. It’s a badge of honor to shoot a movie during the pandemic.”

Actors Jamal Woolard (“All Eyez On Me”), Torrei Hart, and Dennis L.A. White (“Atlanta”) return to reprise their roles from the first film and are joined by other notable names.

“I received my first big break while casting for the film “Turnt.” The auditions itself drew a lot of attention which put my name out there,” Robinson said. “I believe the name of the movie is what the hype was about because I could not figure out how my name was buzzing in the streets”

“Super Turnt” is set to release on multiple platforms sometime in 2021.

(Photo: Courtesy of Mann Robinson)

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