Tiara LaRae Johnson, founder of her self-titled agency, founder of TLJ Headlines, a public relations media firm held the launch of her book “Chase The Dream” Sunday, April 28th on Nelson Street in Atlanta, GA. With an audience of 60 people, Johnson signed the $20 books that attendees purchased while enjoying desserts, great drinks, and music.

Johnson wrote “Chase The Dream” after receiving questions from family and friends on how to keep going as life gets hectic.

“God gave me seven steps on how to break it down, so I just wanted to share those seven steps with the world,” Johnson said. “It’s a prayer book, a guide, a workbook; it has so many resources for you to physically chase the dream no matter what stage you’re in life, even as an entrepreneur.”

At first, Johnson wanted the book to be an autobiography but soon realized that her life has just begun.

“I did a seven-day manifestation challenge, and I was writing, and God said that’s it, those are the sevens steps to your book, so writing the book took me about sixty days,” she said.

The millennial hopes that readers of “Chase The Dream” will “know that they’re unstoppable.”  To get the seven steps that will help you better your life, “Chase The Dream” can be purchased at Amazon, www.TiaraLaRaeJohnson.com, and from her Instagram @TheTiaraLarae.

Check out photos from the book signing below:


(Photo: Sierra Porter)
Tiara LaRae Johnson. Photo by: Sierra Porter/The Atlanta Voice

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