Medical professionals encounter stressful situations throughout their careers. Depending on the frequency of those situations, those professionals may reach their limit and hit burnout faster than most. Martha Janiver is a retired family nurse practitioner who pivoted into owning an assisted living facility (ALF). Her ALF is called Peace of his Cornerstone, it is in Miami, FL. She shifted into this business venture that is less intense but just as rewarding in the medical field. After successfully being in business for four years, Janvier is now teaching individuals how they can open an assisted living facility in her program Strategic Success 316.

Marth Janvier of Strategic Success at her Assisted Living Facility in Miami, FL. Photos Courtesy of Strategic Success 316

“Caring for the senior community changed my life. I understand people a lot more, and I call what I do philanthropic work. This is not just any type of business; it is changing lives, not just the elderly, but the family members, the caregivers that come with it,” said Martha Janvier, CEO of Strategic Success 316.

Janvier founded Strategic Success 316 in November 2022. The company is a coaching and consulting firm that provides information to people who want to establish and operate assisted living facilities. Their flagship course, How to Open an ALF, costs $1,000 and is self-paced. After completing the program and doing all the required registrations and permitting, anyone can launch their facility in a year and a half.

Janvier committed to this direction after working through the pandemic. She opened Peace of his Cornerstone in 2019 and quickly gained patients for the facility. When the pandemic happened, she took a year-long break from nursing to manage the ALF. When she returned to nursing, Janvier reached high levels of stress and anxiety. She decided it was no longer worth it and instead dealt with the pressures of the ALF. In May 2023, she retired from nursing.

Commitment and capital are two things one should possess to get started on this path.

Launching Peace of His Cornerstone took Janiver two years and $30,000. She already had furnished property, but the licensing and permitting took time because she figured it out by trial and error. Other steps involved with launching this venture are checking with the zoning department in your area, installing the right equipment in the facility, and hiring the right staff to take care of older adults. Janvier offers help on any of these steps through Strategic Success 316. Janvier says people can earn six figures within a year of opening this recession-proof business.

“Whatever is going on in the world, seniors will always need somewhere to stay, and seniors will always need assistance. The housing crisis that is going on has a lot of them resorting to assisted living facilities. There are a lot of seniors where their social security income or pension cannot maintain the cost of living.” said Janvier.

Peace of His Cornerstone Assisted Living Facility in Miami,FL. 

Staffing is a vital factor in the success of one’s ALF. According to Janvier, the wrong caregiver on your team can drive away current facility residents, regardless of everything else. Staff is one of the details that brought Paul Robert to Janiver’s ALF. Roberts placed his mother in the Peace of His Cornerstone living facility in 2019. Roberts is the Vice chairman of the board of directors for Jessie Trice Community Health Services in Miami, FL. He is aware of how things should run in an ALF and how caregiving is a passion one needs to have to do this work.

“Everybody can’t provide healthcare. Everyone is not a caregiver. It’s something that is within you to really be a caregiver. The sacrifice you must make to provide service to somebody else is above nothing else,” said Roberts 

“In some facilities, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my mother there. I felt like they were turnstiles to make money and not to take care of the client. Martha never gave me the impression,” said Roberts.

What’s next for Janiver is getting more people into this line of work. She believes the more individuals she trains to open ALFs, the more significant impact she makes on the healthcare industry and the senior community. 

“Owning a quality assisted living facility means building generational wealth for your children and grandchildren. Owning an assisted living facility also means changing the healthcare industry by lowering unnecessary death rates in the senior community. Contact me so I can teach you how to maintain the lives of others,” said Janiver.    

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