Table25 Fork + Wine is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Douglasville, that provides a lounge-like atmosphere fit for socializing with friends or dinner with the family. 

Chef Keon Garrett knew there was something special about the food scene in the metro Atlanta area. Despite operating in the midst of a pandemic, Garret, his sister Tekeya Priester, and his mother Eljean Garrett, established Table25 Fork + Wine.

Tekeya Priester had a clear vision about the type of establishment her brother could create, as well as how the restaurant would be received among citizens of Douglasville. 

“We are creating good vibes with that loungey feel, where grown folks can go to have good food and drinks,” Priester said. 

Further, Tekeya stated that it was important to create this kind of atmosphere in Douglasville, so the city’s residents wouldn’t have to go to places like Buckhead in order to have a good time.

The Garrett family takes great pride in being Black-business owners and operators.

Pictured: Lobster Eljean, named after co-owner Eljean Garrett. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Image)

Black-owned businesses faced extreme hardships during the pandemic. The Atlanta Voice shared an opinion piece in 2021 written by Kwanza Hall, a former U.S. congressman and current candidate for lieutenant governor of Georgia, which discussed the importance of revenue circulation across the Black business community.  

“At the height of the pandemic in 2020, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that small business ownership in the U.S. dropped by 22 percent, but Black ownership decreased the most—by a whopping 41 percent,” Hall wrote. “53 percent of Black business owners reported a revenue drop…since the start of the pandemic.”

The Garrett family also felt the effects of the pandemic. The restaurant underwent renovations and the family was able to recently reopen. Since reopening, the team feels a sense of rejuvenation, and they are excited for the new opportunities that are in store. 

“What we are trying to accomplish is having a menu that changes with the season,” Tekeya Priester said. 

Pictured: Table 25’s BarSetup (Photo Credit: Alexis Grace/The Atlanta Voice)

At the grand reopening, Table25 prepared entrees and appetizers ranging from fried chicken and braised kale greens to spinach feta chicken burgers and white chocolate Grand Marnier bread pudding.

Along with creating a diverse menu at Table25, Chef Garrett has worked with a number of other notable names, including long-time Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Newton and Garrett worked together in the creation of Newton’s restaurant Fellaship.

Tekeya Priester says Keon is extremely excited to implement new, chic cuisines to fit the fine and casual dining experience Table25 seeks to give.

“Let’s change the menu up. Let’s get the vibes going,” Tekeya said, imitating her brother.

The owners of Table25 are looking to leave a legacy in the city of Douglasville, as well as with their children. They want their children to realize that business-ownership is hard work, but the hard work certainly pays off in the end. 

“Douglasville has embraced us so much. We are a member of the Douglasville Chamber of Commerce,” Tekeya Priester said. 

She excitedly pointed across the room to a group of women that came to the opening who are dedicated to supporting businesses across the city of Douglasville. She then expressed how much that kind of support means to her and her family.  

The co owners of Table25 Fork + Wine have created an extension of their family through food and hope to bring a sense of home to the city.

To learn more about Table25, check out their menu or read their substantial wine and cocktail list, visit their website: 

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