Twitter has been around now for over a decade, and it’s provided over 500 million users the platform to collaborate, share ideas, laughs, and promote businesses.

But the introduction of Black Twitter took the use of the social media platform to a whole other level. Black Twitter has arguably evolved to become one of the most successful outcomes of Twitter since it was founded, and for good reason.

Not only has it become a part of black culture and provided the community from all over a safe space to connect over the same shared experiences (to the point where we have become a big family), but it’s a great place for black entrepreneurs to receive support to market and promote their businesses.

Black Twitter has taught us over the years to start movements, share ideas, and businesses. Our voices and support from using the free platform has helped many black users gain and acquire their wealth just by tweeting.

Below are 7 marketable skills that you may have acquired from black twitter without even realizing it:

1. Memes

Memes serve their purpose to add visuals to promote an idea and generate creativity. Ever since its introduction into the social media world, the use of memes have gotten to a point where no post is complete without one. Memes can be used as marketing tool to attract viewers to an individual’s content or business with their super witty and humorous images. Black Twitter has used memes to their advantage to market material and to promote sales for their merchandise. Not only can you use it as a promotion tool, but you can also be paid thousands of dollars for creating memes.

2. Showcase your talent and experience

Many Twitter users take advantage of the social media platform to introduce their talents and skills to the world.  Many entrepreneurs have gained a following just by tweeting images of their work online. One advantage of being apart of Black Twitter is that you’re guaranteed to have an automatic support system.  Not only is it free promotion, but the support comes when people invest in your work and start buying from your business because there is an innate connection within the community to help support and uplift one another and their dreams.

3. Networking

Users can be one mention away from getting their big break. Since Black Twitter has a way of connecting our people from all over, it’s a great networking tool.  It has enabled people to get jobs, receive financial support, and recognition from celebrities. So don’t be afraid to reach out to someone to help you get to the next level. You never know where it will take you.

4. Hashtags and Phrases

Today, many brands and business are more likely to make sales via social media than promoting the old-fashioned ways. We can now use the 140 turned 280 characters in a way to intrigue readers. One way to gain audience attention is through hashtags and phrases that tend to go viral. Black Twitter has a way with words and a way of making almost everything trend online whether it’s about the latest TVshow (Team Issa or Lawrence?) or the latest social justice movement. Now businesses and companies have taken advantage of the hashtag movement by promoting their businesses using hashtags that are the most used. Get on that train!

5. Twitter Threads

Why promote with one tweet when you can have a series of tweets to market your brand? Users gain a following by engaging with their audience with a series of tweets to keep people engaged. Twitter, Black Twitter specifically, is very good with keeping people up to do date with news in real time. Businesses and entrepreneurs can use this to their advantage to keep customers up to date with their services and to help generate steady income as they continue to promote through the platform.

6. Community Engagement

There’s no way you will be able to make it to the next step if you don’t engage with your community.  Black Twitter wouldn’t be what it is today without us communicating with one another and speaking our mind. It’s one of the most important aspects of marketing that is often thwarted by having to be ‘politically correct’. Speak your mind, be truthful, but be respectful and watch users flock to you.  Replying to people’s posts and jumpstarting conversation is another way to gain popularity for your business. Engage with others to share ideas or even obtain sponsorships.

7. Crowdsourcing

Trying to raise money for a good cause or help in getting closer to your dream? It’s just one click away! You can use social media as a tool to engage with an audience you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to and now it’s easier to receive funding online because of these new resources. Whether it’s raising money through a GoFundMe or drawing attention for fundraising, crowdsourcing is not only a good way to help promote your material, but a way for us to support our people who want to use the money for a good cause in our community.

Make sure to advantage of the skills above. Who knows, these key traits may help you start your own business or endeavor!

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