Photos of slave descendants donated to Smithsonian

A "time capsule'' of photographs documenting the descendants of slaves on a long-isolated island off the South Carolina-Georgia coast will have a new home at the Smithsonian's African-American history museum.

In wake of Dunn mistrial, misgivings about Florida law

Florida's laws about self-defense need to be changed.

Michael Dunn is found guilty, but not for murdering Jordan Davis

The Florida jury in the case of Michael Dunn has found him guilty on four charges, including three for second-degree attempted murder.

Restoring power: Not a flick of the switch

In Georgia, where the greatest number of outages have been reported and are growing, not only are utility trucks on the streets, but a whole cadre of behind-the-scenes players are coordinating housing, food and other logistics for thousands of out-of-state ...

Electric users ask: Why not put power lines underground?

"Why aren't these &@$#*%! wires underground?"

George Zimmerman to fight rapper DMX

Let's get ready to ... mumble.

Obama says digital learning push will help U.S. catch up

Nine-figure commitments from America's leading technology and telecommunications firms will help U.S. students compete with their counterparts in nations with more technologically advanced schools, President Barack Obama said on Tuesday.

Murder Trial Ongoing for Man Charged with Fatally Shooting Marietta-Teen

Murder trial to begin after man shoots teen following loud music spat

Metro Atlanta recovers from Snowjam 2014 as Temps Warm

Hundreds of drivers were reunited with their abandoned cars and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal ordered state employees back to work Friday as the metro Atlanta region rebounded from a winter storm that coated the area with snow and ice.

Georgia’s Snow Debacle 2014!

The finger-pointing began almost immediately -- and two days after Winter Storm Leon left the region, it’s still going on.

Maryland mall shooting: Journal may reveal gunman's motives; mall to reopen

A journal discovered at Darion Marcus Aguilar's home may explain why the 19-year-old walked into a busy mall in Columbia, Maryland, on Saturday and killed two employees of a skateboard apparel shop before turning the shotgun on himself.

Study: Nearly half of black men arrested by age 23

Nearly 50 percent of black men and 40 percent of white men are arrested at least once on non-traffic-related crimes by the time they turn 23, according to a new study.

Obama steps up action against college sex violence

A spike in sexual assaults on America's college campuses is unacceptable and must end, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday as he unveiled a new effort to stem rapes and other crimes nationwide.

Tobacco Settlement Proposal Excludes Black Media

The U.S. Justice Department and the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund have reached an agreement with the four major tobacco companies that requires them to spend more than $30 million advertising with the three major television networks and run full-page ads ...

A Better Deal for Kids in the Budget? Democrats and Republicans Say ‘Yes’

While some federal programs such as Social Security are mandatory, children’s programs like WIC, Head Start (which provides early childhood services to low-income families, including education and child care), and K-12 education are funded through the appropriations process.