LAWSUIT: Georgia voter registration process violates the law

Georgia’s voter registration process violates the Voting Rights Act and has prevented tens of thousands of residents, mostly minorities, from registering to vote, according to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday.


In a rare occurrence in Georgia, a law enforcement officer has been indicted for murder as a result of his actions while on duty.

Gladys Knight sues to remove her name from son’s restaurants

Singer Gladys Knight is so mad with her son that she has filed a lawsuit against him. But it’s not personal – it’s business.

Georgia Is - The Hollywood of the South

In less than a decade, Georgia and Atlanta has solidified its position and has rightly earned the title as the “Hollywood of the South.”

Trump-Clinton race tests Senate race in reliably GOP Georgia

Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson insists he won’t be a “volunteer apologist’’ for Donald Trump

The Changing Face of Healthcare In Georgia

In light of the news this week that major health care provider Aetna is pulling out of Georgia’s insurance marketplace

Mayor Reed announces the future of Turner Field

After numerous community meetings and much speculation, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Thursday made an official announcement on the future of Turner Field and its surrounding area.

MLK Jr.’s Bible, Nobel medal to be released to his estate

A judge on Monday signed an order ending an ownership dispute over the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s traveling Bible and Nobel Peace Prize medal that had essentially pitted the slain civil rights leader’s two sons against their sister.

Clinton Targets ‘Red’ Georgia, Arizona

Hillary Clinton is expanding her presidential battleground map to include the traditionally Republican states of Georgia and Arizona - another sign that Republican Donald Trump’s missteps have Democrats contemplating a November landslide that could help the party in down-ballot contests.

Jackson Still Sheriff; Gammage New Solicitor General

Now that round two is in the bag, the winners of the July 26 runoff elections prepare for the championship round in November.

Building A Bridge Between Police and Black Youth

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement versus Blue Lives Matter and the overall heighten tension between police and the black community, the future of the African American minority children is at the forefront.

SCLC’s Annual Confab Focuses On Poverty/Crime

More than 46 million Americans live in poverty, according to Poverty USA. To address this issue, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is holding its 58th annual convention from July 21-24 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport.

A Journey of 648 Miles For The Poor

A trek of 648 miles will be taken on behalf of the poor to bring awareness to an issue that is often ignored.

Replace protests with a plan - PLAN A

n a series of events over the last two weeks, including police murders and viral videos of black men being murdered at the hands of cops on camera that sparked nationwide protests, some have began to question the validity of ...

Strategies Matter!

The “Black Lives Matter” organization is now the most prominent and most vocal movement for young black activists seeking social change.