Building A Bridge Between Police and Black Youth

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement versus Blue Lives Matter and the overall heighten tension between police and the black community, the future of the African American minority children is at the forefront.

SCLC’s Annual Confab Focuses On Poverty/Crime

More than 46 million Americans live in poverty, according to Poverty USA. To address this issue, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is holding its 58th annual convention from July 21-24 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport.

A Journey of 648 Miles For The Poor

A trek of 648 miles will be taken on behalf of the poor to bring awareness to an issue that is often ignored.

Replace protests with a plan - PLAN A

n a series of events over the last two weeks, including police murders and viral videos of black men being murdered at the hands of cops on camera that sparked nationwide protests, some have began to question the validity of ...

Strategies Matter!

The “Black Lives Matter” organization is now the most prominent and most vocal movement for young black activists seeking social change.

Stopping The Violence!

Could it happen here? Could out of control gun violence happen in Atlanta, the progressive city known as the “Capitol of the Southeast” or as the so-called “Black Mecca” or the “Hollywood of the South”.

USCIS welcomes 19 new citizens at Atlanta City Hall

With presidential candidates debating about building a wall on the Mexican border and banning Muslims from entering the country, the topic of immigration has certainly been the cause of controversy in the upcoming elections; particularly, the block on Obama’s immigration ...

Georgia State Rep. John Lewis holds town hall meeting to put an end to gun violence

Following his 26-hour sit in at the House of Representatives, Georgia State Rep. John Lewis led a Town Hall meeting on gun violence at the historical Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Wednesday June 29.

Pell Grants To Give Inmates A Second Chance

Despite a 22 year congressional ban on providing financial aid to prisoners, as many as 12,000 prison inmates will be able to use Federal Pell Grants to finance college classes starting in July.

Eighth Graders Get SMASH at Morehouse College

Summer Math and Science Honors Academy (SMASH), a once California-based program has ventured east of the Mississippi River for the first time and has landed at Morehouse College in Atlanta.

Hawks Foundation Renovates Ben Hill Recreation Center Basketball Court

Ben Hill community members gathered to celebrate the first Hawks Foundation court renovation unveiling of 2016.

Turner Field Area Businesses Eager to See What’s Next

While the Atlanta Braves had to make a financial decision for their future surrounding, businesses were left underway; which turned out to be a ‘win win’ situation for everybody except for Sandy Springs.

Outraged Immigrants Protest Outside of Georgia State Capitol

Outraged and disappointed immigrants gathered outside of the Georgia State Capitol today to protest a Supreme Court’s decision that plans to shield millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally from deportation.

Black contractors: Democrats take us for granted

While Democrats scramble to secure the African-American community’s support post-Obama, black contractors complain that they are not getting their fair share of the party’s campaign spending.

100 Black Men and GM STEM Promoting STEM for Today’s Youth

Items that we use and interact with on a daily basis such as cars, televisions, phones and computers would not exist nor function without crucial developments in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.