Atlanta Logs Dramatic Turnaround in Homelessness

After Larry Mainor left the armed forces, he spent years getting high on crack and sleeping in cars, under bridges, behind restaurants and even in the woods.

Evelyn Lowery Warmly Remembered at Funeral Service

All of the near dozen scheduled speakers and many of the hundreds in attendance for the homegoing of Evelyn Lowery insisted it would be wrong for anyone to refer to her as merely the wife of Rev. Joseph Lowery, the ...

Black Men In Pain Need Our Help

"I was suicidal in college," a Harry Potter-looking hipster recently told me. The young man's words stunned me. It wasn't his age or gender or style that took me by surprise. It was because he's black.

Mayor Reed Dedicates Center for Hope at Ben Hill

They are called the Centers of Hope, and Mayor Kasim Reed, Atlanta City Council members and corporate sponsors hope that the new facilities will be the places where dreams are born and aspirations fueled for tens of thousands of the ...

Cancelled Wedding Becomes Charitable Blessing for Less Fortunate

A cancelled wedding can be a devastating blow and an embarrassment to any bride and her family. But not to the Fowler Family of metro Atlanta, who turned an unfortunate situation into a blessing for those less fortunate at Villa ...

Mount Vernon Approves Stadium Deal, Friendship Baptist Votes Sunday

The membership of Mount Vernon Baptist Church overwhelmingly voted to accept a $14.5 million offer to sell its property to make way for a new Atlanta Falcons stadium, church leaders announced Wednesday night.

Savannah Leaders Show Support for Tyrone Brooks

Historic Bolton Street Baptist Church in Savannah, GA was full of rousing supporters who recently turned out to show their support and appreciate for the years of dedicated services given to the Savannah-Chatham County community by Georgia State Representative Tyrone ...

A Single Act of Solidarity

Certain events are so impactful that we can remember where we were and what we were doing when they occurred. Where were you when Barack Obama became the first African-American President of the United States?

‘Sisters’ Conquer Health Challenges

Sweat dripping down, feet hitting pavement, and smiles all around, as empowered black women shed calories and health stigmas.

Atlanta Mothers React to the Zimmerman Trial Verdict

Hundreds of people gathered at West End Park to protest on Sunday after a jury of six women found the self-appointed neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges after he fatally shot and killed Trayvon ...

You Can 'Sag' Butt it will Cost You

Do you ever wonder what message our young men are really sending when their pants are sagging to the point of showing their underwear?

Take a Break from Technology Tips to Enhance Family Togetherness

As access to technology increases, families may find they are spending more time on their devices and less time together.

In Memoriam of J. Lowell Ware

The Atlanta Voice newspaper was founded by J. Lowell Ware in 1966 with a defined vision and mission which has been the publications' motto and driving force ever since "A People Without A Voice Cannot Be Heard."

Juneteenth Celebration Returns to Atlanta

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.

My Father’s Eyes

When I was a little girl, I use to enjoy drawing pictures of my imaginary family. Maybe “imaginary” isn’t the best choice of words. “Incomplete” is more accurate.