Bipartisan Effort to Reform the Criminal Justice System

Whenever I have an opportunity to rejoin the transformational activities of the civil rights organization that was founded and led by the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I am always eager to participate.

Planned Attacks on Planned Parenthood

Conservatives are attacking Planned Parenthood so viciously that you would be forgiven if you thought that the organization was running for president as a Democrat. It is often said, “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” Actually, the first ...

Mike Huckabee Doesn’t Understand What Matters

The 17-person race for the Republican nomination for president closely resembles a clown show, starring Donald Trump. The unfortunate contrast to Trump has been the tepid rhetoric of Jeb Bush, and the usual antics of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

GOP’s Raging Intra-Party War

The August 6th Fox News-sponsored, two-tiered debate of the GOP presidential primary candidates has shown anew the Republican Party’s continuing to explore different ways a political party can self-destruct.

One Year After Ferguson: Change Still Must Come

After three days of peaceful demonstrations marking the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting in Ferguson, Mo., yet another African American man was shot by police there.

Blackonomics: Blacks also Failed Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland is dead. While many are concentrating on “how” she died, we must also face the reality of “why” she died.

Voter Suppression Overshadows Voting Rights Act Celebration

Thursday, Aug. 6, marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the 1965 Voting Rights Act into law.

Trumping the Donald on Immigration

Watching Donald Trump being interviewed this past week was – for the few moments that I could take it – quite fascinating.

Blackonomics: The Math and the ‘After-Math’ the Confederate Flag

Now that the confederate flag has been taken down, complete with honor guard and pomp and circumstance, what are Black folks going to do now?

How to Reform the Criminal Justice System

There is no question that the criminal justice system is broken. President Obama made that clear recently in his address to the annual convention of the NAACP in Philadelphia.

Tear Down the Walls of Economic Inequality

After a spirited debate, the South Carolina House and Senate voted overwhelmingly to remove the Confederate battle flag from Statehouse grounds at the urging of Gov. Nikki Haley, who quickly signed the measure into law.

To Be Equal: How Will 2016’s Presidential Candidates Save Our Cities?

“You must register. You must vote. You must learn, so your choice advances your interest and the interest of our beloved Nation. Your future, and your children’s future, depend upon it, and I don’t believe that you are going to ...

Confederate Traitors Don’t Deserve to be Honored

Can you image waving a flag that honors Benedict Arnold, a name synonymous with treason?

Israel Feels Entitled to Ignore International Law

Each time that I hear about the negotiations regarding the future of Iran’s nuclear program I am struck by what is almost never mentioned.

Election of Black Leader Helps Redeem Episcopal Church

The recent election of Bishop Michael Curry as the 27th presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church – the first African American to hold the denomination’s highest office – to succeed the church’s first female presiding bishop is expected to help ...