Beyond Charleston: 7 Steps Forward

They were our best, the pride of our country. The Charleston 9. They were college graduates, members of fraternities and sororities, a state senator, a librarian, ministers, all deeply committed to their church, faith, city, state and nation. In them ...

To Be Equal One Nation, One Flag

“A house divided against itself cannot stand…I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one ...

Rewriting Confederate History

On their Website, the Sons of Confederate Veterans describe themselves as preserving the “history and legacy” of the Confederacy

Whites Still Live in ‘State of Denial’ on Race

Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley is fond of saying, “Slavery was America’s original sin, and racism remains its unresolved dilemma.”

To Be Equal Making Certain Every Child Achieves

By passing this bill, we bridge the gap between helplessness and hope for more than 5 million educationally deprived children.

Good and Bad News in Latest Job Numbers

The unemployment rate rose just a bit in May, an indicator that Wall Street and Main Street are celebrating because that means more people are looking for work and that more people are optimistic.

Right-wing out to Destroy Public Education

If you want to see up-close what the political right wants to do to public education, take a look at Wisconsin.

White Racism Affects More than Blacks

In the context of the responses to the lynchings of African Americans by police and racist citizenry, greater and much needed attention has been focused on the question of race and racism in the U.S.

Time for Young People to Stop the Violence

I only recently embraced my status as an “elder.” Actually, I describe myself as an “episodic elder,” eager enough to take one of those lovely “senior” discounts when it serves my purpose, yet reluctant to turn in my party card.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are Following a Rich Tradition

Hip-hop culture is about transformation. It is more than a global genre of music. Hip-hop is a transcendent cultural phenomena that speaks to the soul, mind, body and spirit of what it means to dare to change the world into ...

Child Watch: Overmedicating Children in Foster Care

On any given day, nearly one in four children in foster care is taking at least one psychotropic medication – more than four times the rate for all children.

Seeing and Not Seeing Our Racial Reality

“Americans don’t want to imagine that our racist history is actually an ongoing racist reality. We like to look at racism as a thing that has gotten better (if not gone away completely) and that the way black Americans are ...

How Can you Tell When a Politician is Lying?

Though originally intended as a joke, the number of candidates who have declared as for president have already ushered in a cascade of lies – and the situation will only grow worse as more climb aboard.

Criminalizing Poverty Is Big Business

The recent Department of Justice report on police and court practices in Ferguson, Mo. put a much needed spotlight on how a predatory system of enforcement of minor misdemeanors and compounding fines can trap low-income people in a never-ending cycle ...

Baltimore: We have Been Here Before

Now it is Baltimore. There Freddie Gray, a Black man, was stopped on the street, pinned to the ground, dragged to the back of a police wagon, and died in police custody.