The Ugly Truths America Must Face

On November 14, Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia announced the university will rename two buildings on campus named for two 19th century Georgetown University presidents

Republicans Ignore Black People

As I watched the Republican debate on October 10, I thought about Kanye West and the comments he made after Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans. He said, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people”. Later he tiptoed away from the ...

Dr. Ben Carson and the Lessons from Clarence Thomas

I will never forget the debate that engulfed Black America at the time of the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court.

How to Win Elections behind the Cotton Curtain

We won the Voting Rights Act of 1965 at Selma, combining the power of a principled mass movement led by Dr. King and a compassionate president who did the right thing despite the heavy political price.

What You Should Know about the Refugee Crisis in the Middle East

Every day when we watch or listen to the news, we hear stories about the refugee crisis.

ObamaCare Improves Health of Black America

Black Americans continue to face serious disparities in education, employment, and in economic development.

A Plea to Save the Family Phone

This really struck me in the immediate aftermath of the South Carolina flood. I have two friends—a couple—who live in Charleston.

20 Questions Every Presidential Candidate Must Answer

Bye, bye Biden. The Vice-President who might have given the Honorable Hillary Clinton a run for her money has concluded that the timing is not right for him.

This is Why Calling the Black Lives Matter “Anti-Police” Won’t Work

It has been both interesting and unsettling to watch the attacks from the political Right on the Black Lives Matter movement, and the larger movement for Black lives.

Child Watch: Teaching the Truth About America’s History

Were my African ancestors, who were stolen at gunpoint from their homes and families, dragged in chains into the dark and crowded cargo hulls of ships for the often-fatal Middle Passage, and brutalized, beaten, and forced into chattel slavery for ...

Stone Mountain Monument Progress But Not Perfect

The idea to place a monument at the top of Stone Mountain in response to the call for boycotts against confederate symbols on State property is progress in Georgia.

New Forms of Predatory Lending Threaten Consumers

Over the past decade, no state has authorized either predatory payday or car title loans.

‘Feral’ Facebook Comments Show Racism is Alive and Well

You can run, but you can’t hide from racism. I was preparing to write a column on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the trade agreement that President Barack Obama wants to fast track through Congress.

Live To Tell—HIV criminalization, HIV prevention and Hypocrisy

Last month, I was asked to be interviewed by Fox 5 TV for a news story on an HIV+ man arrested for sexually exposing women to HIV without disclosing his status.

Black and Latinos Working Together

If there was ever a propitious time for African Americans and Latino Americans to unite to advance the cause of freedom, justice, equality and economic empowerment, it is now.