How The System Fails Grandmothers Raising Kids

Increasing numbers of grandmothers across the United States are raising their grandchildren, many of them in poverty and grappling with a public assistance system not designed to meet their needs.

NNPA Foundation launches Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign, UNDress

The National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation (NNPAF) commences National Human Trafficking Awareness month by launching its own anti-human trafficking campaign called “UNDress,” which stands for Undermining Nationwide Demand for the Recruitment, Exploitation and Sexual Solicitation of women and children.

YOUR VOICE: What’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

Charles Hayes, Fayetteville “To pray more, eat better and work out. And to evaluate my friends; you have to do that in order to move up in life.”

Education, transportation highlight 2015 in Congress

In a chaotic year, when Republicans in the House unseated a speaker, Congress produced a significant amount of bipartisan legislation that affects every American.

YOUR VOICE: What is your favorite holiday memory?

Queen Sheba, Atlanta “When I was growing up, my mother would always make homemade cookies on Christmas Eve…

Your Federal Budget – Do You Know What’s In It?

Congress insisted it cleaned up its act five years ago in a much-ballyhooed reform, banning the costly practice of embedding legislation with billions of dollars for pet projects back home.

President Obama Celebrates 150th Anniversary of the 13th Amendment

sk Americans what the Emancipation Proclamation is and most who know of President Abraham Lincoln’s executive order will respond like 20-year-old Ebony Harris, a student of Howard University from Chicago, Ill., and say, “Isn’t that the thing that freed the ...

YOUR VOICE: Do you think the problem of domestic terrorism will be solved with more guns or less guns?

David Price, Atlanta “I am a gun owner and if they come to my neighborhood with that messy madness, my gun will put a solution to that. All it takes for good men to react and stop evil every time. ...

Chicago police misconduct has frayed relations with blacks

A South Side police commander and his officers tortured black suspects into confessing to crimes they didn’t commit.

YOUR VOICE: Should the U.S. government follows Donald Trump’s lead and closed our borders to all Muslims?

Kenneth Lewis, Fayetteville “It’s a very bad idea because it sparks an issue. You already have Muslims living in America so, by extension, you’d have to get rid of the Muslims that are already here.

Officials want probe into Cobb County Police Officer’s Actions

County officials have requested an independent investigation into how a Georgia police department responded to the actions of an officer who told a black driver “I don’t care about your people’’ in a heated exchange during a traffic stop.

NEWS BRIEFS: Police: Georgia woman’s ad sought baby for her teen daughter

Police say a Georgia woman has been arrested for placing an online ad telling mothers they could drop off unwanted babies at her home because she wanted one for her teenage daughter.

The Wren’s Nest – A Century of Storytelling

Nestled on an unassuming tree line lot in West End, one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods is a cultural institution that thousands passed each day and most don’t even know it’s there or its purpose. It’s called the Wren’s Nest.

YOUR VOICE: Is the National Fraternal Order of Police’s request to allow off-duty and retired officers to carry their guns in NFL stadiums a good idea?

Jeff Wright, Decatur “No, they will be drinking and there’s already issues in the news about them carrying weapons and killing people… I wouldn’t want to be around anybody drunk that is carrying a gun… There are already armed guards ...

Black pastors press Trump on tone during closed-door meeting

Dozens of black pastors pressed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Monday to address what some called his use of racially charged rhetoric, with several describing a meeting that became tense at times as attendees raised concerns about his blunt ...