Farrakhan: “Justice or Else” March Just the Beginning

In a wide-ranging conference call with the Black Press, the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said the upcoming “Justice or Else” rally set for October 10 celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March is just the beginning ...

Peanuts Celebrates Its First African American Character

Following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968, a school teacher named Harriet Glickman, and a few of her friends, took it upon themselves to petition comic writer and creator of the popular Peanuts comic strip Charles M. ...

Bridge named after noted Atlanta business owner

On May 5, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law House Resolution 396 naming a bridge along Interstate 20 in Southwest Atlanta which passes over Joseph Lowery Boulevard for longtime Atlanta businessman Willie Arthur Watkins.

Julian Bond 1940 – 2015

Julian Bond may have been born in Knoxville, Tennessee and he may not have lived in Atlanta for many years, but this city still claims the man who dedicated his life to civil and human rights.

YOUR VOICE: Pittsburg Steelers linebacker James Harrison sent the “participation trophies” his two sons received back, stating no one in his home gets a trophy for just showing up.

Larisa Cockham, Fayetteville “I feel like it’s a good confidence builder. And I feel, if you explain to them that this is a trophy just for participation and nothing more that that and that they need to strive to do ...

Julian Bond: A Dedicated Life of Service

Horace Julian Bond was born Jan. 14, 1940 in Nashville, Tenn. into a family of privilege. His father, Horace Mann Bond, was a noted educator who served as president of Fort Valley State University in Georgia, where such notables as ...

Trump’s Trump Card: The Conservative Mob

The fate of the Republican Party’s presidential sweepstakes at the moment is being controlled by two political Frankensteins – both of them of the GOP’s own creation.

NEWS BRIEFS: Former Georgia officers charged with murder in death of man

A grand jury indictment charging two former Atlanta area police officers with murder says a man died after the officers used stun guns on him while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

50 Years after Riots, Watts Struggles, Cautions Ferguson and Baltimore

Fifty years ago this week, Watts was ablaze. The citizens of this all-black Los Angeles neighborhood had grown exasperated with that era’s racial inequities, and some lashed out with matches and gasoline.

Julian Bond, civil rights leader and former NAACP chairman, dies at 75

Julian Bond, a lifelong civil rights leader and former board chairman of the NAACP, has died. He was 75.

Voting Rights Threatened as Voting Rights Act Turns 50

As the nation marks the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, civil rights groups and leaders, union representatives, elected officials, and citizens gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. ...

Robert Mugabe: Africa Must Set Up Own ICC to Try Europeans

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is advocating for his fellow African heads of state to take a stern self-determining stance against European imperialists,

The Metro Board Aug 14-20-15

Truly Living Well is still seeking volunteers for its “A Day at Camp Wow”, Saturday, Aug. 15 for two shifts.

Black Children Experiencing Post-Recession Gains

Eight years after the Great Recession, Black children are prospering in some regards and still struggling in others – this, according to the latest Kids Count Data Book, a respected report on child wellbeing issued each year.

YOUR VOICE: As a new school year starts in the wake of pass accreditation controversies and testing scandals, are we doing enough to prepare our kids for secondary education?

Nicole Butler, Stone Mountain “I definitely think we are. My daughter attends school in DeKalb County and DeKalb has a new superintendent, Dr. Green, who has come in recently and he is going to move things in the right direction.”