Black dollars pour into black banks

Baltimore-based attorney Jelani Murrain plans to transfer his hard-earned money to an institution of financial empowerment: A black-owned bank.

Jackson Still Sheriff; Gammage New Solicitor General

Now that round two is in the bag, the winners of the July 26 runoff elections prepare for the championship round in November.

Political and Photography Legend H.D. Dodson Jr. Succumbs

The last characterization Henry David (H.D.) Dodson Jr. would ever be tagged by those who knew him well was “plain, boring and or complacent.” Dodson who served politically at both Atlanta and (Fulton) County levels for nine years died Saturday, ...

Building A Bridge Between Police and Black Youth

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement versus Blue Lives Matter and the overall heighten tension between police and the black community, the future of the African American minority children is at the forefront.

SCLC’s Annual Confab Focuses On Poverty/Crime

More than 46 million Americans live in poverty, according to Poverty USA. To address this issue, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is holding its 58th annual convention from July 21-24 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport.

Atlanta Public Schools Prep Students for the New Year

Yes, it’s that time already. Classes kick off for students in the Atlanta Public School System on Wednesday, August 3 under a new charter school system.

A Journey of 648 Miles For The Poor

A trek of 648 miles will be taken on behalf of the poor to bring awareness to an issue that is often ignored.

Replace protests with a plan - PLAN A

n a series of events over the last two weeks, including police murders and viral videos of black men being murdered at the hands of cops on camera that sparked nationwide protests, some have began to question the validity of ...

Comcast and U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Collaborate to Close Digital Divide

National initiative to connect up to 2 million low-income Americans to the internet, reaching more than 40 percent of all HUD-assisted households nationwide.

Strategies Matter!

The “Black Lives Matter” organization is now the most prominent and most vocal movement for young black activists seeking social change.

YOUR VOICE: What is one lesson you think we should take from the recent violent tragedies revolving around the relationship between African Americans and the police?

Tina Clarke Decatur “I think that we should all stand together. I was really moved when I saw, in Dallas, that they were having a #blacklivesmatter and pro-police rally and then they, kind of, combined forces.

National Center for Civil and Human Rights:

When most people think about local civil rights museums, you assume that the CEO would have some relation to the civil rights movement.

Stopping The Violence!

Could it happen here? Could out of control gun violence happen in Atlanta, the progressive city known as the “Capitol of the Southeast” or as the so-called “Black Mecca” or the “Hollywood of the South”.

YOUR VOICE: You are one of the 60,000 who crossed the finish line at the Peachtree Road Race so tell us, how was your run?

Christie Jones Stockbridge “I’ve done this seven times. I think I did pretty good, not as well as a I normally do, but pretty good. I do this to ward off the crazies! I have four children and I am ...


(CNN) -- Within a day of each other, two men were shot and killed by U.S. police officers.