Epi-Pen Cost Sparks Controversy across America

The incredible increase in the cost of EpiPens, auto-injectors that can stop life-threatening emergencies caused by allergic reactions, has hit home on Capitol Hill, where one Democratic senator whose daughter has allergies has called for action and another Democratic senator's ...

The Changing Face of Healthcare In Georgia

In light of the news this week that major health care provider Aetna is pulling out of Georgia’s insurance marketplace

YOUR VOICE: What, if any, will be the lasting impression of the historic first gold medal wins by black women at the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Kimberly Turner, Powder Springs “I think it should encourage other African-American sisters to get into those sports.”

Mayor Reed announces the future of Turner Field

After numerous community meetings and much speculation, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Thursday made an official announcement on the future of Turner Field and its surrounding area.

NEWS BRIEFS: Woman says Uber driver sexually assaulted her in Atlanta

Authorities are investigating after a woman says she was sexually assaulted by an Uber driver after leaving an Atlanta bar.

MLK Jr.’s Bible, Nobel medal to be released to his estate

A judge on Monday signed an order ending an ownership dispute over the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s traveling Bible and Nobel Peace Prize medal that had essentially pitted the slain civil rights leader’s two sons against their sister.

By many measures, Milwaukee is toughest US city for blacks

In the country’s long history of racial strife, a few cities have become flashpoints: Los Angeles. Chicago. Ferguson, Missouri. Baltimore.

Selling To Black Consumers Is Tough –If you are a black business

When Terina McKinney displays her leather bags and belts at events attended primarily by black women, they are often interested in her designs, and in her experience as an African-American business owner. But she seldom makes sales.

RNC tries to woo African American voters - again

The Republican National Committee is trying to strengthen its outreach to black voters by hiring a new national director of African-American engagement and bringing on new advisers and strategists to bolster its efforts to bring in more minority voters.

YOUR VOICE: With analysis showing that the HOPE Scholarship fund will run out of money by 2028, do you think we are doing enough or should we be doing more?

Robert West, Decatur “I think we should be doing more as far as finding out exactly how it is being funded, how much money is going into that and how it is worked out for the students. Seems like there’s ...

Clinton Targets ‘Red’ Georgia, Arizona

Hillary Clinton is expanding her presidential battleground map to include the traditionally Republican states of Georgia and Arizona - another sign that Republican Donald Trump’s missteps have Democrats contemplating a November landslide that could help the party in down-ballot contests.

Democrats Trying To Bridge The Gap With White Men

The Democratic National Convention’s lineup of speakers has highlighted an increasingly diverse country that could soon elect the first female president to succeed its first black chief executive.

YOUR VOICE: With Georgia’s changing demographic, do you think the state could go Democrat this year?

Shante Nasir, Atlanta “I certainly would hope so. I think Donald Trump is doing an excellent job at insuring that direction… I am from California and I am always surprised that Georgia as a whole is a red state. But ...

AIDS Activists Wonder If Black Gay Lives Matter

“When we say ‘Black Lives Matter,’” said Michael Ighodaro, “Where are ‘Black Gay Lives’ in that?”

Trump vs. Clinton: Is a 2017 ‘peaceful transfer’ possible?

Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Donald Trump threatens America’s very existence.