Mayor Reed: The State of Atlanta is Great! Continued from front page

Atlanta has reclaimed its spot as the dominate economy in the Southeast, Mayor Kasim Reed Thursday said during his annual State of the City address before a capacity audience of mostly business and civic leaders at the Georgia World Congress ...

YOUR VOICE: Should tax-paying illegal aliens in Georgia be allowed to pay in-state tuition to attend the state’s public colleges and universities?

Candice Horton, Douglasville “I am conflicted on the answer because part of me thinks that ‘no’ they shouldn’t have the same rights as U.S. citizens that live in the state of Georgia. But then if they pay taxes they should ...

GM Executive Alicia Boler-Davis Honored during 24th Annual Trumpet Awards

Alicia Boler-Davis, senior vice president, Global Connected Customer Experience, General Motors, was named the 2016 Corporate Executive of the Year during the 24th Annual Trumpet Awards.

State GOP lawmakers want exemptions for gay marriage opponents

Months after the Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage, lawmakers across the U.S. are pushing bills that would give businesses and some public employees the right to refuse serving gay couples because of their religious beliefs.

YOUR VOICE: What is one of the issues that will be a deciding factor on who you vote for President?

Neville Lacey, Atlanta “A major issue that will be deciding factor is changing our law enforcement system and upgrading it… implementing a new way to carry out the law

Gaps in Teacher Effectiveness Hurt Young, Minority Students

Minority and low-income students are less likely to have consistent access to effective teachers between preschool and the third grade than students from high-income households, according to a new report by the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington, D.C-based ...

Georgia governor wants continued money for prison education

Gov. Nathan Deal asked Georgia lawmakers Tuesday to put millions more into educating state prison inmates and helping county jails provide programs that offer a chance to get job skills while serving time.

Officer gets 2-week suspension for traffic stop behavior

A white suburban Atlanta police officer shown on video telling a black driver “I don’t care about your people’’ has been suspended without pay for two weeks, according to a police department memo released Friday.

YOUR VOICE: In Washington D.C., the local government is considering a plan to change the voting age to 16. Should we do the same in Atlanta?

Jamal Dubrgnon, Jonesboro “No, because I don’t think you are mature enough at 16. I think 18 is too young.”

GED passing score lowered

Thousands around the country including Georgia who failed the GED test will be receiving a late Christmas present in the form of their high school diploma.

M. L. King Jr. Holiday Marks 30 Years

The most common way that Georgians who participate in the celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Holiday is by volunteering their time with a nonprofit organization, school or church that is either feeding the homeless and hungry or ...

YOUR VOICE: Did you play the lottery and what would you do with a billion dollar jackpot?

Shaylen Singleton, Lithonia “Yes I played it and I would half of it to my mom, some to my dad and save the rest of it. I don’t usually play it, I just did it this one time.”

Georgia governor touts his 2015 measures on schools, roads

Gov. Nathan Deal this week outlined his 2016 agenda first before the state’s business community and then later before the state legislature.

Religious freedom, education, gambling bills top 2016 agenda

Georgia lawmakers return to the Capitol in Atlanta on Monday, kicking off the 2016 legislative session. Here’s a look at some of the top issues expected to come up this year.

King Center to Honor Howard G. Buffett and TIAA-CREF Corporation with 2016 Salute to Greatness Award

he King Center will recognize Howard G. Buffett for his extraordinary work to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the world’s most impoverished and marginalized populations, by presenting him with one of the Center’s highest honors, ...