'The Watsons Go To Birmingham'

Five days following the 50th anniversary of the horrific bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL, the Hallmark Channel will air the heart-warming film “The Watsons Go to Birmingham “ (Sept. 20, 8 p.m.).

Fire Up Your Tailgate with Tips from a Pro

rilled food is good anywhere for any occasion. Whether you’re tailgating in the stadium parking lot or watching the game in your own backyard with family and friends, get ready to take your grill skills to the gridiron. While you ...


This may come as backwards-staggering, heart-clutching “Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you, Honey!” news, but three of Atlanta’s most prominent personalities are starring in a staged take-off on the “Sanford & Son” sitcom.

Football Fans’ Fresh Tips for Game Day Dips

When family and friends gather together to watch the game, loading up the table with a variety of easy-to-grab, flavorful appetizers is a winning plan. After all, casual food and good times are what game day is all about.

The Straight Truth: Play Probes Issues Black Women Have with Their Hair

At the dawn of this millennium, the Canadian playwright Trey Anthony abandoned a life of relative comfort in Toronto to fulfill a quest to set the record straight regarding the ‘issues’ black women have with their hair.

Servant of the People: “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” Puts History in Perspective

With a universal father-son love story set against the backdrop of America’s turbulent political landscape of the 20th century, the director of “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” knew he had more than just another film project on his hands.

A+ Lunches How much sodium is in your child’s lunchbox?

They need to be able to eat it in 20 minutes or less. They need to be able to open and close all of the containers themselves. And it can’t go bad before they eat it. What are we talking ...

Summer Foods, Okra

In this series for the Southern Foodways Alliance, I am examining iconic Southern foods that so completely belong to summer that if you haven’t relished them before Labor Day, you should consider yourself deprived of the entire season. My plan ...

Tasty Melons for a Healthy Summer Salad

The summer is melon-eating season, and here’s a light melon salad perfect for a weekend cookout, or just to have on hand as an easy, perfectly sweet snack or side dish with many great health benefits.

Defying Description: Marietta Artist Blends Multiple Musical Genres on Latest CD

It’s artists like Brooke Alford who keep reviving the question of whether success derives from talent that’s been nurtured, or natural curiosity that’s matched with ambition.

Youth Makes ARTSCooL

Getting paid to do what you love is the dream. And some fortunate Atlanta-area teenagers experienced the dream this summer.

Delectable Summer Pasta for those Hot Weather Nights

Summer creates a perfect time to prepare cooler entrees and beat hot weather nights. So plan a change to your menu this summer and experience fresh pasta noodles with tangy vegetables, an array of spices and your favorite chilled seafood.

What's on Your Reading List this Summer?

As evidenced by the stacks of books sent into the Atlanta Voice for review, there’s certainly no shortage of choices.

Artists take road trip through Africa's 'invisible borders'

Emeka Okereke is a hard man to pin down. When we spoke earlier this month, he had just arrived in Lagos from Abuja, a few days after returning to Nigeria from Chad and just before heading to Accra to put ...

Echoes of Trayvon: “Fruitvale Station” is a Triumph for First-Time Director Ryan Coogler

Amadou Diallo. Sean Bell. Darius Simmons. Trayvon Martin. The list of young black males whose lives have met an unjustly and untimely end is long and unsettling.