Making Cents With Your College-bound Kid

Albuquerque, NM - Your years of encouragement and supervision have paid off, and your teenager will be heading off to college this fall. But if you’re like most parents, your pride and relief are mingled with new worries. You want ...

On-the-Go Yummy Eats Healthy and filling ways to snack

(Family Features) Hectic mornings, busy schedules and afternoon snack cravings can make it difficult to eat foods that are tasty, healthy and satisfying. Instead of grabbing a bag of packaged cookies or vending machine chips, have a healthy alternative available ...

Safe Grilling Techniques Easy ways to enjoy the fun of grilling

(Family Features) With the warm weather season in full swing, the opportunities for firing up the grill are plentiful. But before you reach for those barbecue tongs, there are some important grill safety tips you and your family should keep ...

For some, sagging pants carry greater meaning

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Sag is swag if you ask some young people.

Halle Berry returns to the small screen in a sci-fi thriller

NEW YORK (AP) - Oscar winner, the beautiful Halle Berry is certainly a welcome TV presence this summer as the star of "Extant,’’ a 13-episode thriller on CBS where she plays Molly Woods, an unexpectedly expectant astronaut. It airs Wednesdays ...

Beyonce and Jay Z: Contemporary pop’s ultimate duo

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - For all of Beyonce and Jay Z’s up-tempo joint hits - the irresistible and catchy "Crazy In Love,’’ the swagger anthem "Upgrade U’’ and the beat-driven "Drunk In Love’’ - it was the performers’ emotional solo material ...

A Perfect Pair for Patio Dining Serve Up Grilled American Lamb and Pinot Noir

(Family Features) The weather is warming and your patio is calling. It’s time to make the grill your go-to for everyday dinners and entertaining alike. Add variety to your grilling fare by including American lamb. From burgers to chops, fresh ...

Tyra Banks on future of beauty: 'Uniqueness'

(CNN) -- If Tyra Banks is correct, one day, you will be able to get a nose job as easily as you can buy tissues to blow your nose.

Share Your Health History Start a New Tradition at Your Family Reunion

Family reunions are a great opportunity to reconnect and turn relationships into strong, eternal ties. This year, try starting a new tradition — share your health history with your family.

Add Seafood to Your Family’s Diet Introduce a new protein your family will love

The easiest way to get the family together for a meal is with a delicious, homemade dish with tasty ingredients, such as protein-packed shrimp.

Traditional Parental Roles are Changing

A cache of new research from the Pew Center paints a picture of the modern American family—a picture in which the historically rigid roles and responsibilities of moms and dads are meeting in the middle.

Tony-winning director Kenny Leon Keeping Busy Leon directs another NY play and stars in one

Atlanta-based director Kenny Leon doesn’t appear to be taking any time off to enjoy his recent Tony win for directing “A Raisin In The Sun” on Broadway. Leon is still in New York directing “Holler If Ya Hear Me”, a ...

Tech Tips For Summer Travel Abroad

Whether you’re seeking the view from the London Eye, the thrill of zip-lining in Belize or the taste of an icy cold gelato in the streets of Rome — summer adventure is calling.

Good-for-you grilling ideas celebrate grilling season with heart-healthy tofu skewers

As you stoke the flames of your grill this season, choose a versatile canvas that allows you to build on flavors and textures, lending itself to a wide range of cuisine and preparation methods.

Insufficient Vitamin D Linked to Prostrate Cancer in Blacks

The relationship between melanin and vitamin D—the nutrient that sunlight provides—may explain why African American, Caribbean, and men of African ancestry have the highest rates of prostate cancer than anyone in the world, according to a new study.