5 Mistakes New Homeowners Make That Attract Pests

Spring is house-hunting season and with warmer temperatures and increased rain, it is also the season when pesky creatures can invade homes.

“Academy Inspires Teens to Both Aspire and to Achieve”

“The reason we haven’t done many things we want to do is because we’re afraid we won’t get those (social media) likes,” announces motivational speaker Jonathan Sprinkles.

Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?

It’s Gina Price*’s 20th birthday, and among her gifts are spa treatments, designer handbags, Christian Louboutin’s famous red-bottom shoes and gift certificates to her favorite restaurants.

ABC-TV Gets Its First Black Entertainment Group President

The president of the ABC Entertainment Group is departing amid low ratings, to be replaced by the first African-American to head a broadcast TV network.

Warm Up with Simple Slow-Cooker Meals

During the cold winter months, a hearty, home-cooked meal is just the thing you need to warm up.

Personal Loans 101 Choosing the right tools to meet your financial goals

If you happen to find yourself in a tight spot, borrowing money can help set you back on the right path. However, doing so without a full understanding of the facts can hinder your finances in the future.

Hearty Heart-Healthy Dishes

It may sound contrary to your healthy eating plan, but the human body actually needs some types of fat for heart and brain health. One common source is cooking oil, such as olive oil. Of the cooking oils most commonly ...

Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson doc a tribute to his music

s a young artist, Michael Jackson knew he wanted to be legendary. “I will be magic,’’ he wrote as a teenager, outlining his plans for his career. “I will be better than every great actor roped in one.’’

Calls for boycott over diversity throw Oscars into turmoil

Growing calls for a boycott of the Academy Awards over the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominees are forcing stars to choose sides and threatening to throw the movie industry’s biggest night of the year into turmoil.

Game Day Menus that Score Big

Even if your team isn’t playing in the big game, you can still come out a winner with a tasty viewing party recipe.

New Year Boosters for Body and Mind

A new year is the perfect time to commit to making personal improvements to your body and mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to bolster and guide you for nearly every self-improvement effort you can imagine.

A Leafy Superfood Worth Learning About

For people who manage their health through nutrition or use food as a medicinal replacement, few products offer the power of “superfoods.” Kale is one leafy green commonly recognized as a superfood, but watercress is a tastier superfood option worth ...

Swap Up for Big Game Day

Chicken wings, guacamole, and cheesy dips are America’s top choices for most Big Game day menus, but the same recipes year after year can get tiring.

On The SGL Cruise

Every now and then, the reality of my age hits. This really isn’t news, so why does it occasionally startle like a revelation? Last week, while filling out an appointment sign-in, it did not seem that long ago that I ...

10 creative ideas for celebrating your 25th anniversary

The Baby Boom generation has put its own stamp on many traditions, so why should 25th wedding anniversaries be different? Many couples are ditching convention when it comes to marking the milestone.