Spiritually Speaking….. You Can’t Hide from God

One of the struggles I have had to deal with during my spiritual transformation is how do I serve.

Spiritually Speaking….. God Will Not be Pimped

One universal factoid is that all religions of the earth demand prayer and sacrifice to some degree in order to find spiritual well being and eternal life.

Worry is Not the Way, Christ is the Answer

If you’re anything like me (and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody), worry creeps into your psyche when the world starts to close in.

Spiritually Speaking…..Understanding ‘I Am,’ Because He Said So

My goal as is proclaimed in the life and death and life of Christ is to understand I will get a chance to love him back. Now ain’t that something?

Starting your day in prayer makes all the difference

Morning prayer is something that I now can do on a regular basis. I’ve been trying for a while but now it is just part of my daily routine.

Spiritually Speaking….. It’s not over ‘til God says so

If you don’t know, I believe tests come from the Almighty while temptations come from the devil.

Spiritually Speaking….. Judge Me. Judge Me Not

If you don’t know, I believe tests come from the Almighty while temptations come from the devil. Many of you have heard this before and some have probably said it.

Spiritually Speaking….. God is not a hypocrite

When you begin to examine God’s faithfulness, if you look closely, you’ll find there are too many references in the Bible to quote on this subject.

Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. Celebrates 50th Anniversary

One of Atlanta’s and the nation’s premier ministers Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., will celebrate 50 years of ministry, 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 10, at Salem Bible Church East, 5460 Hallandale Dr., Lithonia.

Spiritually Speaking…There is no mystery regarding the word of God

I am reminded of something I learned the hard way early in my walk. One of the biggest mistakes we make is to believe in all things holy and dismiss unholy things as accidents, bad luck, poor decision making or ...

Spiritually Speaking...The Never Ending Walk of Faith

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my faith walk from the perspective of those individuals who have tracked my progress from the beginning until now.

Church Digest (Oct. 11-17)

The United Methodist Women of Ben Hill United Methodist Church Women’s Day Weekend is October 12-13.

Spiritually Speaking... We All Need a Friendship Train

You know one of the things that is almost a necessity when you turn your life over to Christ is to consciously and deliberately surround yourself with other people of faith.

Church Digest Sept. 20-27

Two-Day Fall Revival at The Free Gospel Interdenominational Church

Church Digest Sept. 13-19

ATLANTA - Cosmopolitan A.M.E. Church holds its annual Senior Ministry Day at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, September 15. The guest preacher will be Rev. Michael Jones. Cosmopolitan A.M.E. Church is located at 170 Vine Street N.W. Atlanta, GA 30314. For additional ...